Keeping up with Donna’s Projects.

This cute set was knit with mittens pattern from Faith, basic hat and scarf from KB site.Donna Carroll has really been busy.   Lots of beautiful handknits to share with us all.   Many were knit  with patterns from this site as well as many others.   We decided to nominate Donna as the Knitter of the Month of March, 2008.   With 10 grandchildren to knit for, it’s no wonder that her knitting boards stay busy.   Thank you, Donna for sharing some of your projects.

We hope that you will keep sending photos – we all love seeing what everybody else is knitting.   Thanks for sharing!

Basic hat and scarf basic pattern.First project was a blanket Donna’s grandaughter. She says she has 10 of them. Great family.     This is a recent little poncho with homespun yarn and fun fur.

2 thoughts on “Keeping up with Donna’s Projects.

  1. Donna,
    Your collection of articles are great. You have really been busy. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Hope to see more from you.

    Sue, a loomer in Texas

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