Blankets are a Blessing for many.

photo_sue1.jpgNew blankets  for our Veterans’ and our Childrens’ Homes!   Thank you Sue!

I know lots of people knit for donation, and I guess, we just all feel so ‘good inside’ when we send something handmade to another person that will bring them love and comfort especially during rough times.


Well, we all love our blankets knit on our knitting boards, right?   They are the softest and warmest blankets and so special when they are knit and given from the heart.   I want to thank Sue Kreitzer for her latest creations.   Sue has knit   and sewn 2 new blankets that we are sending to Help Hospitalized Veterans with special notes on them from Sue.   This organization serves over 50 locations that assist our American veterans.   They are hospitals, transition homes, and rescue sites.   They supply craft kits and donated items directly to our soldiers.    I know they will love the warm, cozy blankets and  ‘words of encouragement’ from  Sue.


The next  blanket in the yummy blues and purple was knit by Laura Carlos and sent in for donation.   Thank you so much, Laura from Neptune, NJ.   This blanket was knit in  3 sections or 3 strips with crochet all around the edges.   This is so pretty.      Laura also knit up 8 additional squares and they are on the way to Sue Kreitzer for sewing.   If anyone has any questions for these 2 knitters, just leave them a comment.   I’m sure you will hear from them soon.

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  1. My knitting group is interested in making blankets for veterans. We are based central New Jersey. I would appreciate any information on this subject and the group your are apart of. Thanks

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