CHA Show in Anaheim, CA

Hi Everyone,

All of us here at Knittingboard have been really busy getting things ready to attend the Big CHA Craft and Hobby Show in CA.   It starts on Feb 10 but we will leave VA on Feb 8 to get ready.   We have some new items to debut there at the show.   Once we return on Feb 15, we’ll be ready to share them with everyone here.   So, during this time, we will not be mailing orders or responding to emails.   I hope everyone will jump in and dig around to help everyone else with questions and solutions.   If you live in that corner of the country, we would just love to chat with you at our booth.   It’s numer 2345.   Hope to see some of you there.   Pat and Kim

2 thoughts on “CHA Show in Anaheim, CA

  1. Pat and Kim,
    Good luck at the show. I just know you will be a big hit!!!! Can’t wait to see the new items on the site after you get back. Have a really great time.

    Sue Kreitzer, a loomer in Texas

  2. Hi Sue, thanks so much. We had a great time and it looks like a lot of knitting board kits will be flourishing the market very soon. We were at the Convention center directly across from Disneyland. The weather was great, but we spent our days inside and focused on our mission of offering knitting boards to everyone. It’s such an international show and people from all countries come to it. Maybe I’ll post a photo of our booth just for fun. Pat

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