Working together to keep some folks warm this winter!


blanket-donation2jpg.JPG        blanket-donationjpg.JPG      Thank you, Sue Kreitzer for the new blankets you have knit, sewn, and donated to our cause.   These blankets are going to the American Foundation for Disabled Children, and, Help Hospitalized Veterans of Washington D.C.   I would like to share our most recent letter from the Foundation for Disabled Children.   I will just copy the message here just as it was written.   We can all feel good this holiday season.

“Dear Pat,

We would like to thank you and your many knitters who have contributed their talent and time in creating the beautiful knit blanket that you sent to us.   We will be so happy to pass it on to a needy child to wrap up in this winter.

Nothing makes us happier than making a difference in the life of needy children and their families by showing them that there are many special people out there who truly do care about them.

Thank you for helping the American Foundation for Disabled Children, Inc.   The kindness of caring individuals like all of you, help to put smiles on the faces of many children in need.   Sincerely…”

So I say ‘thank you’ also.   The new blankets knit in blue yarns with the pretty fringe will be sent to the recovering vets of war.   I just apologize that my photography is not the best.   These blankets are really so great.   We also continue to send scarf kits along with the blankets for the veterans to work on as they are able while recovering.   Your help in all of this is so greatly appreciated.

Blanket #1:   Blue and white yarns and is knit in 3 strips, each about 30-34 stitches wide.   The color changes make it appear to be in separate squares, but by doing just the 3 strips, you only need to do 2 seams to connect it.   Then it has pretty fringe in all shades of blue.   this one is going to the Hospitalized Veterans in D.C.

Blanket #2:   this one is knit in many large squares.   It’s so much prettier than my photo.   Many different yarns and stitches are used in each square.   this one is also headed to the veterans in recovery.

Blanket #3:   This one is very pretty and is knit in all one piece with yarn changes creating the stripes.   this one is going to the Disabled Children in New York.

Do you know of a great organization that would appreciate the blankets from the knitting board knitters.   If so, please leave the info in a comment.   Thanks, Pat

One thought on “Working together to keep some folks warm this winter!

  1. Pat,
    I am so glad my blankets are going to so good causes. The letter was great. I would like to ask everyone once again to send at least one square. It will make someone happy and warm and really takes so little time to do. If we all work together, we can do so much.

    Sue Kreitzer

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