Pom Pom Socks

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Happy feet all around with this cute Pom Pom socks! Knit an adorable pair of socks for the little tikes.

Knitting Loom: Authentic Knitting Board Sock Loom 2.

Yarn:  200-400 yards of DK weight yarn, (amount depends on length of sock). Sample was knit with Yarntini Vintage.

Notions: knitting tool, tapestry needle, 2 double pointed needles size 2.

Size:   Two sizes provided, 2-4 (4-6) years. Approx foot circumference 10 (12) inches. When only one set of instructions is provided, follow same instructions for both sizes. Instructions for larger sizes will be given in ( ).

Gauge: 11 sts x 23 rows= 2 inches


K=knit stitch (may substitute with flat stitch or U-stitch but not ewrap).

P=purl stitch


BO=Bind off




Sl=slip. Skip peg with yarn behind the peg


Cast on 48 (52) pegs and join to knit in the round

Round 1: k to the end of round.

Repeat row 1 until piece measures approximately 1.5 (2) inches from cast on edge (about 18 (23) rounds).

Continue to heel instructions

Please go to charts below and follow the heel instructions for the desired size sock. The heel is worked on only the first half of the stitches on the loom, 24 (26) pegs. Worked as a flat panel in short-rows to create the cup for the heel.

Once heel is complete, you will continue working in the round for the instep and sole of the sock as follows:

Next round: k to the end of the round.

Repeat last round until item measures 1.5 (2) inches less than desired sock length

Next: Follow Heel instructions exactly to create the cup for the toe area.

Closing the toe area

After completion of the heel instructions, prepare to close the toe area as follows:  Place half of the stitches on a double pointed needle, and the remainder half of the stitches on the second double pointed needle. Cut the working yarn leaving about a 20 inch tail to use to close the toe area.

Use the Kitchener Stitch to close the toe.

Finishing: Weave all yarn tail ends. Block lightly.

Pom Pom: Make 2 pom poms with the method of choice (we provide a method here) and securely sew to the back of the rolled edge.

PomPom Socks

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