4 Knitters contribute to beautiful blanket.

4 Knitters contribute to this beautiful Blanket.

The center crocheted square was donated by Nancy DeWitt.   The pretty Teal square was knit by Linda Pagel.   3 squares were knit and donated by Laura Carlos and the other squares were knit by Sue Kreitzer.   Thank you all for contributing and sharing in this project.   The squares were sent to Sue Kreitzer who is doing the arrangement and sewing for completing the blankets.   We appreciate all efforts from everyone.   Let’s keep lots of needy folks warm this winter.   Keep them coming and we’ll keep finding unique homes for them.

4 thoughts on “4 Knitters contribute to beautiful blanket.

  1. Hi, this grrr-reat blanket is going to Disabled veterans hospital for recovering vets. We feel very strongly about helping our vets and will continue sending knitting kits and blankets to them on behalf of all our knitters. Please let us know how you feel about your knitting donations going to this destination. thanks for all your help, Pat and Kim

  2. Hey Laura, Your squares were so great. Thanks so much,….. and we will take more if you decide to send. I know…never enough! We really appreciate your help. pat

  3. I am working one done in three strips, 12″ wide each, and I am also knitting 12×12 squares. I’ve fallen in love with the crisscross stitch that I learned from your site. I really enjoy doing it knowing it’s going to help someone in need.

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