Summer Footies

Summer footies 1

A fun pair of footies to wear during the summer months, knit with worsted weight cotton yarn and a lovely open lace pattern.

Pattern Information

Knitting loom: Sock Loom 2 by Authentic Knitting Board, 36 pegs used.

Yarn:  Approx 125 yds of worsted weight yarn cotton. Sample used Sugar ‘N Cream in Over the Rainbow.

Notions: knitting tool, tapestry needle.

Size: US Women’s 6-7 (7-8, 8-9). Sample shown in size 6-7


K=knit stitch

P=purl stitch



BO=Bind off


K2tog=knit two stitches together. Move stitch from the peg on the left to the peg on the right. Work/knit both loops as one loop.

YO=Yarn over. Ewrap peg on the row that calls to YO, on the next row when you need to knit/purl the stitch, undo the ewrap and lay the yarn flat in front of the peg.

w&t=wrap and turn. The process of wrapping the stitch and turning to work in the opposite direction. Lift the stitch/loop off the peg, wrap the peg so that the yarn goes around the peg and ends towards the front of the peg—if working in a clockwise direction around the loom, wrap the peg counterclockwise; if working in a clockwise direction around the loom, wrap the peg clockwise.

INSTRUCTIONSSummer Footies 2


Cast on 36 sts, join to work in the round.

Rnd 1-6: *k2, p2; rep from * to the end of rnd.

Rnd 7-10: k to the end of the rnd.


Start Short Row Heel—worked in short-rows over the first 18 pegs.

Row 1: k17, w&t at peg 18.

Row 2: k16, w&t at peg 1.

Row 3: k15, w&t at peg 17.

Row 4: K14, w&t at peg 2.

Row 5: K13, w&t at peg 16.

Row 6: k12, w&t at peg 3.

Row 7: k11, w&t at peg 15.

Row 8: k10, w&t at peg 4.

Row 9: k9, w&t at peg 14.

Row 10: k8, w&t at peg 5

Center 8 pegs of the 18 heel stitches are without a wrap. Continue with second part of heel.

Row 11: k9, (lift all the loops on the last pegs as one loop), w&t peg 15 (this peg has 2 wraps on it and the stitch).

Row 12: k10, w&t peg 4 (this peg has 2 wraps on it and the stitch).

Row 13: k11, w&t peg 16 (this peg has 2 wraps on it and the stitch).

Row 14: k12, w&t peg 3 (this peg has 2 wraps on it and the stitch).

Row 15: k13, w&t peg 17 (this peg has 2 wraps on it and the stitch).

Row 16: k14, w&t peg 2 (this peg has 2 wraps on it and the stitch).

Row 17: k15, w&t peg 18 (this peg has 2 wraps on it and the stitch).

Row 18: k16, w&t peg 1 (this peg has 2 wraps on it and the stitch).

End of Heel Instruction


Continue working in the round the sole and instep instructions. Sole constitute the first 18 stitches, instep the remainder 18 stitches.

*Rnd 1 and 2: k to the end of rnd.

Rnd 3: k18,  [k2tog]3x, [yo, k1]6x, [k2tog]3x. (Need assistance with Round 3, please check out the breakdown below).

Rnd 4: k18, p18.*

Rep instructions from * to *: 8 (9, 10) more times.

Next rnd: k to the end of rnd.


Follow same instructions as for HEEL

Once heel instructions have been completed, transfer the stitches as follows onto two double pointed needles:

Stitches 1-18 on one double pointed needle.

Stitches 19-36 on second double pointed needle.

Use the kitchener stitch to seam the toe are close.

Weave ends in. Block lightly.

Video on moving the stitches to the knitting needles to kitchener the toe close.


Round 3 of the stitch pattern is the most complicated. You have the option here to move all the stitches around first, or to knit them as you move them around. The sample below has you knit them as you move them, if you prefer, move them all first then work the row. 

Knit the first 18 pegs. The lace section is on the instep stitches, over 18 pegs. Number the pegs as follows, 1 through 18, number 1 being at peg 19 and number 18 at peg 36.

Move stitches as follows:

Step 1: From peg 1 to 2; from peg 3 to 4; from peg 5 to 6; 13 to 14; 15 to 16; and 17 to 18.

Step 2: Knit peg 2; move this loop to peg 1.

Step 3: Knit peg 4; move this loop to peg 2.

Step 4: Knit peg 6; move this loop to peg 3.

Step 5: Ewrap peg 4.

Step 6: knit peg 7 and move the loop to peg 5.

Step 7: Ewrap peg 6.

Step 8: knit peg 8 and move the loop to peg 6.

Step 9: Ewrap peg.

Step 10: knit peg 9.

Step 11: Move both loops from peg 16 to peg 17; move both loops from peg 14 to peg 16.

Step 12: Move loops from pegs 12 to 15; from peg 11 to peg 13; from peg 10 peg 11.

Step 13: Ewrap peg 10, knit peg 11.

Step 14: Ewrap peg 12, knit peg 13.

Step 15: Ewrap peg 14, knit peg 15.

Step 16: Knit pegs 16, 17, and 18 (treating both loops on each peg as one loop.

Gently tug on the yarn adjusting the stitches.


14 thoughts on “Summer Footies

  1. Hi Isela,

    How do I get a print out of this pattern so I can make these cute footies? I’ve made lots of socks since I first made your loom along sock pattern in May of 2012. Thanks for your great patterns and your help!


  2. I have finished the footies, with the exception of the toes. HELP! I have watched videos on how to do the kitchener stitch, but the loomed ones all show the round loom. Is there a video or an explanation for how to do this? I love this pattern!!

  3. Hmm, you could copy the entire post to a Word document and then print it–highlight the entire post, right click and click on copy; open a Word document, click on paste. I think that should work.

  4. These are adorable. Thank you for the pattern. You gave the number of cast on stitches for size 6-7 but not for the other sizes. Please be kind enough to post how many stitches to cast on for the other size. Thank you very much. I love this knitting board. I used to make socks using dp needles. What a pain they were but this board is so much easier. I take it with me wherever I go.

  5. Can you please show what type of Knitting Board you are using for this pattern. That way I can see if I have it or not. Also it would be great if you can make a video.


  6. How do you do the kitchener and the u – stitch? I can’t seem to find anything on how to do these

  7. Thanks for telling me how to print the footie pattern. I just saw the newest hat and sock looms yesterday. Awesome! I’m getting them next week. Is there a book planned for the efg loom?

  8. If you have MS Office installed, you have a program called Microsoft XPS Document Writer. Just right click on the article, go down to click on print, and save as an XPS document. I look at print preview first so I don’t copy umpteen number of comments. Give it a name, and you can view this with the XPS reader, just by clicking on the file.

    But if no office software, you have wordpad on your computer. Just copy what you want and paste it in there. Hold down the left button and run across the text you want to copy and right click to paste. Picture, you just right click, copy, then paste where you want the picture to appear in your document.

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