Beautiful Afghans – Thank you Sue!!

afghan_suekeritzerdesign02.JPGSue Kreitzer in Sanger TX has really stepped up and knit 3 complete afghans for our homeless and cold families in North Dakota.   She also did all the sewing of the pieces.   2 of them were knit in squares using many beautiful stitches and detail, and the red, white, and blue one is a one piece design.   Great work shows a lot of caring for less fortunate women and children. Thank you, Sue!                                                          



6 thoughts on “Beautiful Afghans – Thank you Sue!!

  1. Just a few more thoughts about these afghans by Sue. the pink and cream one was knit by sewing the squares together. each square is knit using many different stitches. I wish all could see it up close-its really pretty.
    The red-white-blue one is all one piece and Sue used a design that she had just learned from a loom knitting book. What a great job.
    Thanks, and there’s more to come to update on this project.
    thanks, pat

  2. Thanks Pat for your wonderful comments on my afghans. I am so hoping more people will join your efforts and submit just 1 or 2 squares. I am looking forward to having many squares to sew together to create many blankets. I am having so much fun to see what I can come up with for the next blanket. PLEASE, everyone make a square or two for this very worthy cause.

    Sue, a loomer in Texas

  3. Hi Sue, well your wish has come true. I have received 12 beautiful knitted squares from Laura Carlos in Neptune, NJ. They are all different and using lots of pretty yarns and stitches. They are 12″ X 12″. You will love sewing these together for our next blanket. As soon as we get it together, I will take some photos for everyone to see. I am getting really excited about this. Thank you so much Laura Carlos.
    Also, I am sending the red, white, and blue afghan to the veteran hospital to be shared with some of our recovering young men. I know they will greatly appreciate it. I’m also sending some scarf kits to them to help with the down time of recovery. I think they will enjoy learning to knit someone a nice gift while spending time there. What do you think?

  4. Pat,
    What a wonderful idea. I think the red,white and blue to a recovering vet is wonderful. My son spent almost 20 years in the special forces I have a special place for the arm forces. I am looking forward to receiving the squares to sew together. I have 11 squares made for another one and another that will be in solid piece. I think the idea of kits for scarves is WONDERFUL. They can always use things to help with rehab. Let me know if there is anything else I can do.

    Sue Kreitzer, a loomer in Texas

  5. Pat,
    I am so glad to hear you have squares ready to sew together. Look forward to receiving them. I have about 11 ready to sew, and another that is all one piece. I am so glad to hear that the red, white and blue one is going to the vets. My son spent 20 years (Green Beret) in the Army so vets hold a special place for me. I think the idea of scarf kits is great (so does my son). It will give them something to do other than think about things. A lot of vets from WWII learned to knit and crochet while in rehab at vet hospitals. Your thoughtfulness is wonderful. Thanks for all you are doing. If there is anything else I can do, please let me know.


    Sue Kreitzer, a loomer in Texas

  6. Hi Sue and everyone, I have photos of the last 2 blankets that you sent after sewing. I will get them up after Labor Day weekend. they look just great-you did another splendid job of sewing and knitting. Thanks for all that you do and everyone else for their contributions. Pat

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