Summer Wrap/ Scarf

Lace_wrapcropThis summer fashion wrap can also be worn as a traditional scarf. It’s open and airy using a lightweight yarn!

Loom:  10” or All-n-One Loom, with 22 stitches for double knit.  Set spacers at mid 2cm width.

Yarn:  Any #2 or 3 yarn of acrylic or cotton/acrylic blend.  Sample is knit with Bernat Baby Coordinates of acrylic/rayon/nylon, machine wash and dry.  (1) skein, 388 yds.  Color is Soft Grey.

 Notions Needed:  knit hook, crochet hook

 Finished Size:  9” X 60”

Stitch Pattern:

1. Move over every other peg on one side of the loom. Starting on peg , on top board, lift loop 1 onto peg 2.  Lift loop 3 onto peg 4.  Lift loop 5 onto peg 6 and continue across all 22 pegs so that every other peg is empty. 

 2. Turn the board around, and repeat process on this side of the loom. Be sure to start at this first peg .  Both sides of loom have every other peg empty and off-set from the 2 sides.

3. Work yarn weaving across all pegs in stockinette, so that all pegs are wrapped. 

4. Hook over only the pegs with the 3 loops, lifting 2 loops over one and leaving just one loop on the pegs.  Do nothing to the pegs with just one loop.


 Cast On all 22 stitches in basic stockinette stitch.  Lay anchor yarn of contrasting color yarn.

Remember when hooking over the loops to work from L to R to approximate center.  Then work from R to L back to center.  Do same thing to other side of board.  This will keep the side edges even.

 Work the Stitch Pattern, steps 1-4 until the scarf/wrap is as long as desired, or until you have used the entire ball of yarn.  Using the entire ball will result in length of 60-64” long piece.  Cut yarn with 3-4” tail.

 Bind Off:  Use crochet hook for bind off starting at end opposite the yarn tail.  Pick up loops 1 & 2 from top board and pull loop closest to hook thru the other.  With just one loop on crochet hook, pick up the first loop from front board.  Pull loop closest to hook thru the other.  Pick up next loop from front board and pull one thru the other.  Continue working the 2 loops from back board, and 2 loops from front board until just one loop remains on crochet hook.  Pull the yarn tail thru the last loop to form a knot.  With crochet hook, pull the yarn tail into the solid edge of the knit.

Bind Off at anchor yarn: Start at end opposite the yarn tail.  With crochet hook, pick up first 2 loops.  Pull loop closest to hook thru the other.  Pick up next loop and repeat across the stitches on the anchor yarn.  When only one loop remains on hook, pull yarn tail thru loop to form knot.  Tuck yarn tail into knit with hook.

Finishing:  Gently stretch the knit from long sides to open the knit.  Work down the piece, gently stretching the stitches open.  Your great summer accessory is ready to wear.  You may also want to add a decorative stick pin to secure the wrap, so it stays closed while sitting in your favorite restaurant.

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  1. I am trying to buy the 5 peg sliders but can’t find them in a store and I didn’t want to pay $12 to ship a $5 item. Please let me know if anyone can assist me with this. Thanks

  2. Hi, I think you live in Australia, correct? The shipping is crazy when items are going to countries outside of US. The only thing you can do is locate others in your area that may want something also and combine your orders for shipping. The item you seek is currently not sold to stores. Another thing you can do is ask your favorite knit or craft store to consider being a distributor and carry a few products. We could send your item with theirs. You can also send your address to us at and ask for a first class rate on mailing and we can do a search for you and see if a better rate exists.

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