Picot Triangle Shawl

Check out this beautiful shawl made on the 28″ Knitting Board. It was designed by Kristen Mangus from Good Knit Kisses. Thank you Kristen!

Picot_Triangle_ShawlTriangle design shawl using wedge technique (inspired by the Hexagon blanket by Charity Windham). This shawl is a generous size for larger sizes up to 76″ wide from end to end! Cast on Edge is 53″ and can be made smaller for smaller sizing needs.


Stitch gauge: 4 sts per inch x 8 rows per inch in garter stitch


Loom: 28″ Knitting Board with peg extenders. 


Yarn: 800 yards medium weight (4) Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable color Petunia.  3 balls used in sample. 9.85 oz/280 grams finished weight. 



EW – EwrapP – PurlHS – Half Stitch  SL – Slip (skip first stitch)  st – Stitch    CO – Cast On   BO – Bind Off


Cast on: Picot CO 165 pegs. (starting on left working to right if right handed, Place removable Stitch Marker on peg 1) http://youtu.be/MdtQZm9wUE0


Row 1: SL 1, P to marker (all odd rows will repeat this way.)


Row 2: HS 1 at marked peg & move marker 1 peg to right (do NOT work HS st), EW to peg 165, Cable CO 3, BO 3 to form picot (See notes below on details for Cable CO and BO). I like to have 3 st markers on pegs 166-168 to show where picots need to be added on even numbered rows. For less picots on edging only, add picots every 4th row. As the pattern reads, this edge will be fuller than the cast on picots to give it a ruffled look when draped.


 Repeat Rows 1 & 2 until last HS is at peg 164 & ending on row Row 2. This row will be HS 1, EW 1.


 Begin Picot Bind Off*.


 *This is an alternate to my standard picot bind off just for this pattern.


 **Cable CO 3, BO 4 (** rep between **,** til one st left on loom, EW 1 cut tail and pull through) (VIDEO COMING SOON as of April 2014)


Weave in both tails into project.  If using color changing yarn be sure to weave like colored tails to closest color.

Blocking may be needed due to tension and evenness of such a large project. Do NOT steam block acrylic or it will “kill” it! Block with a light washing and let dry pinned on blocking board if needed. See bottom of pattern on Mitered Square Lovey for wet blocking instructions. http://goodknitkisses.blogspot.com/2013/07/mitered-square-picot-lovey-free-pattern.html

Notes on HS

Unlike an EW (where the working yarn is wrapped from the back between the next peg and around the front of the  desired stitch/peg to the back) the HS wraps to the front between the previous peg to the front of the desired stitch/peg then between the next stitch (peg).