New Rug Project

I’ve been working on a new rug    and I wanted to share. I experimented with doing the “box stitch” throughout adding 2 stripes with the “open rib” to add a change in texture. (Really, you can only see one in this picture because the other stripe was just knit).

It is really easy to do  and knits  great with the new heavy duty knitting board.    I will put pattern up for free when I’m finished.  I used Raliwool but any really heavy bulky yarn would work.



4 thoughts on “New Rug Project

  1. Pat,
    How can I get/purchase the pattern for this rug?
    Are you going to have other rug patterns? thanks, Martha

  2. Hi, sorry for the delay in response. We are working to have many rug patterns or projects. We will put this one up on the site in couple days for you as a free pattern. Did you get the last rug free pattern? thanks, Pat

  3. Hello!
    I love my Knitting Board and the website is awesome, I have question on the yarn, I am a Vegan who loves to Loomy and Board Knit….So no wool for me :O). Will you guys be getting in some nice cotton yarn or other fun animal free stuff? Love Love LOVE the site though! As we speak I am making a super thick Pima Cotton Blanket..expensive but YUMMY.

    Peace Love and Hippy Stuff!

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