We need your help!

We need your help with ‘Sharing our Mission?

If you would like to participate with us, we will be making blankets and baby blankets to donate to an organization in need. We have identified several worthwhile organizations that shelter abused women and children. They are very much in need of warm clothing and blankets especially during the cold winter months. We are taking donations of knitted squares knit with any washable, new yarn. If everyone who reads this, would spare a little bit of time and knit a square, we can create many blankets to give, and that would be awesome!!

square ideas…thanks to Faith (pattern washcloths)

You may use whatever yarn that you would like to ‘use up’, and it can have several different yarns within the knitted square. We will start with squares that are aprox 12″ X 12″. If you would take an hour and clear out some old yarn scraps and knit up a square, we would really appreciate the effort. If anyone has the time to take 12 squares and sew them together, we will send a packet of the knitted pieces to you. We would then mail the finished blankets with recognition of the knitters to the recipients.

Send squares to:
Pat Novak:
# 7 Monish Rd
Palmyra, VA 22963

Check out our Mission to see our current long term projects.

Our mission involves assisting women’s relief groups with knitting boards and personal instruction. Our goal is to see these individuals grow in self belief that they, too, can create beautiful, useful, warm garments for themselves, their families, and as a means to supplement their family income.

Jail assistance project knitting for preemie newborns at UVA hospital

Our focus on this project has been abused women and their children and babies of low to zero income working as a community or within a shelter. This will be from an organized program.

It is our goal to assist these groups with donated knitting boards, instruction, and support from us at Authentic Knitting Board Co. Individual groups or organizations may apply for this program by contacting Pat Novak at pat@knittingboard.com.

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14 thoughts on “We need your help!

  1. Pat,
    What a GREAT idea. What if someone (like me) makes the squares, sews them together (like my scrap yarn afghan posted on the blog) and sends them to you all ready to give? Would this be acceptable? If not, I will be more than happy to just make squares and even sew them together. Since I am retired I have lots of time for this. Please let me know. Do you need hats and booties for babies as well? Look forward to your answer.

    Regards and keep up the good work.

    Sue Kreitzer, a loomer in Texas

  2. Hi Sue,
    Oh, that would be so wonderful. I would like to also send some of the squares to you for sewing if you have the time. Once we receive 9-12 squares of similar weights, I’ll drop them in the mail for you. Meanwhile, I will get some name cards to attach to each square to show the names of the knitters. We’ll then post a photo of each completed blanket (or hats or mittens). Our first donations will go to ND home for children. Thanks, Pat

  3. Pat,
    I have sent you my address under a separate message. Is there any certain size you would like? What a great way to get use of my scrap yarn (my husband will be happy). Let me know what else I can do.


    Sue Kreitzer, a loomer in Texas

  4. I was thinking of 12″ X 12″ (aprox) as a basic square. This way, we know that all squares sent in will match up with each other. then we can do 9 squares for babies or 12-16 squares for a throw. I hope some others will join us and let us know that they will be making a square. thanks for your enthusiasm. I have your address ready to ship. Pat

  5. Pat,
    If this might help others doing squares, I have worked up several using regular worsted weight yarn (in this case, Red Heart) and have decided that a cast on of 34 stitches and 44 rows work up an approx. square of 12″. I have not done chunky or bulky yet, that is the next step. Will let you know what I come up with. This may help some one not to do a lot of trail and error. Hope it helps.

  6. Initially I assumed you to mean double knitting but, before I start making up squares on my board, I just want to make certain you don’t mean single sided. Or does it not matter either way?

    Thank you.

  7. Hi Saaski,
    We prefer that the squares be made on the knitting board so that they will all be similar in that respect. We would like to share them with the recipients as double knit blankets.
    Thanks for your contribution. Pat

  8. Pat,
    Just wanted to let you know I have one blanket ready to mail to you. Was going to do it today but the weather is really turning bad. I have started a baby blanket and soon as it is done, I will be sending it. Also, I’m am sending by FedEx it is cheaper. Hope this is what you are looking for.

    Sue Kreitzer, a loomer in Texas

  9. Pat,
    Just to let you know I almost have a third blanket ready. This one is for a baby or very small youth and is made all in one piece. Once I have it ready to ship, I will notify you. I really hope and pray others will join in your efforts. You and Kim have done a lot to help others with your instructions and ideas for the knitting boards. This is just one small way people can help pay back.

  10. Hi Sue, this is so great of you. We will announce the group that your blankets are going to shortly. we will get them posted as soon as the photos are done. YOU are really jumping in with this and we appreciate it so much. I also, hope others will join us in this project. we do have a beautiful square crocheted by Nancy DeWitt. I would like to get some additional ones similar to this one for a crocheted blanket. Thanks for all you do, Pat

  11. Hi, just received a great square from Linda Pagel for a building blanket. Linda’s square is teal green and knit in stockinette. Thank you, Linda.
    As soon as we get some more, we will send them off to Sue in Texas for sewing.

  12. Oi,adorei esses trabalhos,as fotos,só que eu não sei nada de ingles,aí fica difícil de entender se puderem traduzir ficaria mais fácil,Valeu.

  13. We will need all comments submitted in English, otherwise, we will need to delete.
    This is only fair to all so that everyone can read and the comments can be edited for content.
    Thanks for your understanding. Pat

  14. Dear Pat,

    I have just revisited this site and I notice that nothing new has been posted since last May. I hope this doesn’t mean that I’ve missed the opportunity to help with your wonderful project.

    Helping you will give me lots of good practice on my new board AND hopefully allow me to make a difference in the world. I am retired and, like Sue Kreitzer, I will be happy to sew squares together for you if help is still needed in that area.

    I hope I haven’t missed the chance to help with such a worthy activity! Please let me know if there’s any way at all that I can help with this or any other charitable project you may be working on.

    Bravo to you and the knitters who have been working with you so far!! Hope to hear from you soon.

    Maureen Cuscuna

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