Toggles – an easy alternative to button holes.

What’s a Toggle?   I say, its my ‘saving grace’, when I  neglect to make a buttonhole and now my sweater needs a button, or my bag needs a strap that is secured with a button.

So, we make toggles.   They are also a great accent for certain styles of knitwear or closures.   Make them by braiding 3 strands of yarn or crocheting a chain.   You can do the crochet chain with a single strand of fine yarn for a delicate look or use a double strand of thicker yarn for a very thick Toggle.   We can also use longer Toggles for drawstrings and hat straps.

toogleopen.JPG               tooglecl.JPG

Make the  toggle just long enough to  slip  over the button  with ends long enough to be tucked into the knitting.   So, if you are using a button that is 1″ wide, your toggle will be about 3″ long. Place the ends into the knitting with a stitch between.   Pull the tails out together at the same place on back of knitting.    Tie the tail ends and trim.   Now pull the   toggle into the knitting so the ends are not exposed.   Sew several stitches so that the toggle is secure in the knit and the button loop does not slip.

Another effect with toggles is to make the toggle longer.   Sew into the knitting.   After sewing the toggle in place, sew the loop together leaving just enough open to slip over the button.   Lay the toggle onto the knitting and stitch down making a ‘stripe’ effect with the toggle.   You can do this with different color yarn so that the toggle is a contrast to the knitted piece.

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