Christmas Tree Square in Double Knit!


Color changes are very easy in double knitting on the knitting board. Create intarsia designs and all your color changes are tucked inside between the 2 layers and none of it shows. Both sides look exactly the same. Your scarves, shawls and afghans can look the same on both sides, no matter how the piece is placed.

Christmas Tree Holiday design using color changes and horizontal stripes. 


By simply following the graph below, line by line, all your designs can be created in your knit.  This Holiday Tree is an example of horizontal stripes and a tree design.  On the opposite side of the knit piece, it looks exactly the same. So, you could have a holiday dish cloth, or the center of a larger afghan.  No knots or yarn tails.


What about the blocking of the finished knit so that the edges do not curl and the piece lays flat and retains the shape?  In double knit, there is no rolling edges so therefore, no need to block the knitted piece.

Hope you enjoy! And Happy Holidays!







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  1. Hi, You can find several software apps for creating the graph. They are fun and easy to use. You just create a graph for the number of rows and lines. Then just tap the colors into the boxes. I would just search ‘graph for knitting’. Pat

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