28″ Knitting Board…Diagonal Weave Eyeglass Case!


This cute eyeglass case will keep your eyeglasses safe from scratches.  Make one for the purse and another for the
car.  The case also makes a great gift!

Skill Level

Knitting Loom:
28″ Knitting Loom with Peg Extenders

Lion Brand Recycled Cotton in Seagrass, Lion Brand Recycled Cotton in Marine

knit hook, size E crochet hook, tapestry needle, large button.

Finished Size
3.5” by 6.25”

1. Assemble the loom. Attach the loom extenders one section apart.

MKLawrie-Eyeglass-Case-All-in-One-Loom-3    MKLawrie-Eyeglass-Case-All-in-One-Loom-4

2. Warp the loom. Holding two strands of the marine recycled cotton yarn together, tie the yarn to a corner peg. Wrap the yarn around the next peg to one side of the corner peg, then around the next peg on the other side of the corner peg. Continue to work back and forth, wrapping the yarn around every peg. Tie the yarn to the last peg and cut leaving a 5″ tail.

3. Begin weaving. Turn the loom. Holding two strands of yarn together, one strand in Marine Recycled Cotton and one of each color, tie the yarn to the corner peg. Use a crochet hook or the knit hook to weave under then over the warp. Repeat the process, this time weaving over the strands you went under, then under the strands you went over. Continue until all of the pegs have been filled. Leave a long tail, cut the yarn, and tie it to the corner peg.

MKLawrie-Eyeglass-Case-All-in-One-Loom-6    MKLawrie-Eyeglass-Case-All-in-One-Loom-7

4. Taking it off of the loom. Using a single strand of Seagrass Recycled Cotton yarn, make a slip knot and place it on your crochet hook. Start at a corner peg, and work across the longer side first. Use the crochet hook to lift the weft off the peg, and onto the crochet hook. Yarn over the hook and pull through all the loops on the hook. There should now be one loop of yarn on the crochet hook and one peg bound off. Lengthen the loop on the crochet hook slightly, then bind off the the next peg in the same manner. Continue until all the pegs have been bound off and the woven piece has been removed from the pegs. Leave the loop of yarn on the crochet hook. Do not cut the yarn.

5. Add a button loop. Insert the crochet hook into the center of the first bound off stitch, yarn over and pull the loop through. Flip the work over to the back side, and work across the shorter side that you just bound off. Insert your hook between the next two bound off stitches, under the two threads. (See photo.) Yarn over the hook and pull through, yarn over again and pull through both loops on the hook; one single crochet stitch created. Repeat until you have created 8 single crochet stitches. Yarn over pull through; one chain stitch created. Make chain stitches until it is about twice the width of your button. Continue making single crochet stitches as you were before until you reach the corner. Cut and knot the yarn. Weave in all your yarn ends.

6. Seam the edges. Flip the fabric back over and fold the bottom half up 3.25” to create the body of the eyeglass case. Using the bind off stitches as a guide, sew up both sides of the eyeglass case with a tapestry needle and a single strand of yarn. Cut and knot the yarn. Weave in your ends.

7. Sew on the button. Use a single strand of yarn and the tapestry needle to sew on the button. Knot the yarn on the back side to secure, and weave in the ends.

MKLawrie-Eyeglass-Case-All-in-One Knitting Board

Mary K. Lawrie is a vegan artist and crafter. She gets really excited about eco-crafts and recycled materials.