Holiday Donation 2013

Donation Request for Vets and Special Groups

Hi Knitters,

Once again we would like to do something special for our recovering veterans, and 2 other special groups.  We want to ship out in early December so we have about 6 weeks to gather some warm knitted items.

We donate to:

1. American Veterans recovering in hospitals and homes.  We will be working with American Veterans, Washington, DC.  From here, your donations will be distributed to other veteran hospitals in cold climates across the USA.

2. Women to Women International helping moms with small children.  We also donate looms and yarn to these women in hopes that they can learn to work on the looms and acquire an income stream with their knitting.  View this organization at for more information.

3. Native American children’s home and school in South Dakota.  There are so many of these type of facilities to work with and we may add another this year.  Right now our focus is St Joseph’s Indian School in Chamberlain, SD.  Visit them at

If everyone would knit up just one warm hat, scarf, or mittens, or socks, it would be great and so much appreciated by the recipients.  If you would like to participate, you can send your item along with your personal note, if desired, to us:

Authentic Knitting Board Co

Attn:  Pat Novak

60 Carysbrook Rd

Fork Union, VA 23055

Thank you to all of you for a great year in knitting, and for being a part of this annual drive to keep everyone warm.  Please send your knitting item by December 10, 2013.

One thought on “Holiday Donation 2013

  1. IF there is someone who can pickup yarn in Columbus GA for making items for donation to any of the listed charities (and will furnish a receipt of donation) I have at least 5 huge bins of yarn to donate but can NOT afford the shipping.



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