Loom a Hat on the AIO (Updated)

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The table provided has 3 different numbers, one for DK weight yarn and the other two with worsted weight yarn. I have gotten two different gauges with the worsted weight yarn. I have gotten 4.5 and 4 stitches to the inch. I provided a table with both gauges. All the hat numbers have a 15% negative ease already built in. For example, the adult male hat, with 84 pegs at a gauge of 4.5 stitches will yield a tube that is about 18.6 inches. We want a hat to fit snugly, approximately about 10-15%, with a 15% negative ease, this hat will fit a circumference up to 21.4 inches. All the peg numbers provided have also been rounded to a multiple of 4, if you do not need a multiple of 4, deduct or add 2 pegs.

Hat shown in the picture on the right is a DK weight hat using 84 pegs.

This table was updated on 7/8/13 to include DK weight numbers and Fingering (Sock weight yarn) numbers. I test knitted on the loom using Fingering Weight yarn and was able to get a nice fabric at a gauge of 7 sts to the inch.

NOTE: the recommended peg numbers are suggested when using the KNIT STITCH, not the ewrap. If you want to do the ewrap stitch, knit a swatch and find out your gauge and then calculate how many pegs to use.
Tip: if you using the ewrap, typically you will go down a size from what the chart indicates. Example: women’s in a knit stitch/flat stitch with worsted weight yarn, it recommends 76. If I am using the ewrap, I would do 68 or even 64 (if the head is in the smaller size)

Suggested Numbers for AIO Hats

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  1. I have a problem with this chart are you making a panel or knitting in the round ?? if so in the round you would make a baby premie hat to fit an adult i uses the all-in-one loom with 34 pegs and made a nice size premie hat. has anyone made a premie hat using 72 pegs and had it fit??????? I also make baby hats using the blue plastic ring of 24 pegs.

    Help!!!!!! has anyone made a baby sweater on the all-in-one loom. and can anyone tell me the convergen using the plastic loom patterns on the all-in-one loom?

  2. Jewel,
    The peg number provided go with the gauge that I received when I was test knitting. The 72 pegs is if you are using really, really thin yarn, fingering weight–such as lace yarn or sock yarn. The table provides the gauge that we are “assuming” for each of the sizes. Hope this helps.

  3. not really as i used yarn fingering weight yarn and if i wrapped 72 pegs the hat would fit me (adult) how do you find the gauge and so you make a single row hat or do you go in a circle???

  4. it sounds like you are making a panel and not a circle as i did with both the all-in-one loom and the little blue round plastic loom. I am trying to learn to make baby out fits and such with the loom as i am not very good with knitting needles. hope you can help me with this.

  5. With these, I was making a circle. I did a test swatch with fingering weight yarn and my swatch gave the the gauge of 7 sts per inch. Of course, my little hat will be a tube that is about 10 inches in circumference, so it will fit a head that would be anywhere from 10-13 inches in circumference.

    To find the gauge: knit a panel that is at least 4 inches wide by 4 inches tall. Then flatten it out on a flat surface, place a ruler on top of it, then count the number of stitches you get in a inch, then count how many rows you get in an inch.

  6. thanks that helps but you have 128 pegs for adult male but the all-in-one loom has only 107 pegs how would you make a hat like that with less pegs???? or do you use only worsted weight for adult and children’s hats ???

  7. Is it not recommended that you use a bulky yarn? Or did you just not figure out the peg counts for it? I’m wanting to use a bulkier yarn on the AIO and I’m not having any luck figuring out how many pegs for a newborn hat

  8. I am so-o pleased to have found your chart to give me something to work from. I am still waiting for Amazon to deliver my AIO loom so have been searching the web to find as many patterns as possible but needed the confidence that experience would give me. Your patterns, chart and `goodknitkisses` have given me a good grounding, now with your chart I feel I will have that confidence to start looming.
    Thank you.

  9. Is this chart using a flat knit stitch? I would imagine if using an ewrap or twisted stockinette not as many pegs would be needed?

  10. Can you make the last minute slouchy hat if you make the hat smaller since it is to big for me.
    thank you Judy

  11. I need to know how to wrap a rec one? want to make a shawl or afghan I cant find instructions… thank you for any help you can give me

  12. True Knit stitch. Yes, if you use the ewrap stitch, you will need less pegs to create the same width. If you use the same amount of pegs and the ewrap it will be wider.

  13. Thank you so much for this post, I bought the AIO because it was reccommended to use with your babies and toddlers book, and I’m making a hat on it because my other baby sized looms won’t do what I want to do. I look forward to making many of your patterns on it!

  14. So many years back since last post in comments. Dont know if anyone moniters this site any more. But what the heck I will at least try.
    The gage you got using the different weight yarns and number of pegs. Is that just using a stockinet stitch mmaking a hat with that amount of pegs? Are you getting the amount of pags and yarn weight coming from regular yarn knitting patterns? If you wanted to make cables using a dk yarn how many pegs would you use for an adult hat?
    I am so dissapointed that all the kb patterns that use dk yarn are on the double knit or the round double knit. I live in Arizona and even in winter with temps not lower then the upper 50s or lower 60s double knit would be to hot. What a waste.
    So anyway can you help me?

  15. The peg suggestions given are with worsted weight (number 4) yarn in mind. You can most definitely use DK weight yarn on the loom, however, the item is going to be a lot smaller than using worsted weight, consequently, we will suggest using a larger number of pegs to account for the shrinkage.

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