How Much Yarn Needed?

Ever wondered how much yarn you need for a project? Yes, I have wondered too and sometimes I sit down and have to figure out how much I need and then I go and buy what I need plus a little more.

I came across this table from Lion Brand and I am tickled pink! I hope you find it useful as much as I did. Bookmark it for future projects :). It has approximations for all sorts of projects, from scarves for babies  to afghans.



4 thoughts on “How Much Yarn Needed?

  1. Thanks for this link. It is a real time saver.

    If you follow the link, you can download a PDF, which will open in iBooks on iPhones and iPads. It is great to have this on my iPad to refer to when I need it. Pieces of paper are so easy to lose.


  2. Hi I only just had my sock loom finding it different to my matha Stewart loom .but thought I would give useful tip cut. Up jumbo drinking straws as thick as you like they slip over. The pegs so serve as stitch markers so cheap and colors as well
    Hope this helps jann

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