Classic Shawl with Tassels

LOOM: 28” Knitting Loom, 64 pegs needed.

YARN: Rowanspun DK, 100% pure new wool, Need (6) skeins @ 50 grms or 219 yds each

NOTIONS: Knit hook, crochet hook

GAUGE: 3 sts=1” 3 rows=1”

STITCHES: Knit in Rib Stitch with 2cm spacers. This is the medium setting. The beauty of this piece is in the yarn and the open double knit.

SIZE: 22” X 75” plus 4” tassels


Cast On 64 Stitches. Lay anchor yarn.

ROW 1: Knit in Rib Stitch.

Next 225 Rows: Repeat row 1 until knit is 75″ long.

Bind off all stitches very loosely.

Create 4 tassels and add to each corner.

Tassel how-to: Cut yarn into 14” lengths. Each tassel uses 25 -30 strands. Open space between stitches where tassel will hang about ½” from edge. Bring all ends together. Wrap snuggly with additional strand of yarn and tie. Cut yarn same length as tassels. Trim all tassels evenly.