2- Color Reversible Hat & Cowl w/video

Designed and technique by: Amanda Pratt

LOOM: KB ‘Rotating’ Double Knit Loom, 52 pegs for large adult hat, for XL hat use  60 Peg Topper 

YARN:  Lion Brand Wool Ease in Linen and Stillwater

NOTIONS:  Crochet hook, scissors.

SIZE: Large adult, and extra-large adult

PATTERN NOTES: This pattern highlights a new reversible knitting technique. Now with a simple twisting of the yarn, you can create a 2 – color revisable double knit – one color on inside and a another color on outside.  Complete video with QR code below.


KO – Knit over EW – E-Wrap Color B – Linen Color A – Stillwater


Set up the loom for double knitting using both the inner and outer looms.

With color B, cast on 52 stitches (all pegs) with single rib stockinette. Place slip knot on peg 1 on outer loom, wrap around peg 1 on inner loom. Continue wrapping peg 2 on outer, then peg 2 on inner loom. Wrap every stitch in same process until all pegs have been wrapped. Place an anchor yarn over stitches, wrap each peg a second time. Hook over stitches.

Round 1-50: Work stockinette stitch with 2 colors of yarn or until fabric is approximately 11 – 12” long.

Color Change Technique:

Use color B on inner loom.  Use color A on outer loom.  (See video below for visual of technique).  Attach color A to peg 60 (outer loom), twist color A and B in a clockwise fashion 2 times so that color A faces the outer loom and color B is toward the inner loom. Wrap peg 1 of both looms with the corresponding color. Then wrap both strands 2 times in a counterclockwise fashion in-between pegs 1&2 on both looms, color A toward the outer loom and color B towards the inner. Wrap peg 2 of both looms in the corresponding color. Repeat all around the loom.

Next row: Decrease inner and outer looms by moving ‘every other’ stitch to the peg on the right. ‘Every other’ peg will be empty, the rest will have two stitches on them. Knit over every stitch on the loom. Work one round in the 2 color stockinette stitch only working the pegs with stitches on them.

Flat top bind off:  Wrap working yarn around the loom 2.5 times and cut. Both looms will be bound off the same way using the corresponding color. Use a crochet hook to finish the cast on edge. Start on the opposite end of the cast on yarn. With crochet hook pick up the last two loops. Pull the second through the first. Pick up the next loop and pull it through the remaining loop on the crochet hook. Repeat this until you have worked all stitches, then pull the cast on tail through the remaining loop and tighten.

Video provided by Amanda Pratt : https://youtu.be/me2vYSnjJbE


The cowl is worked exactly the same as the hat, except cowl has a different bind off. Follow Hat instructions for Row 1-50 until knit reaches approximately 11-12”

 Bind Off stitches:

Step 1: Move all stitches on the inside loom to the corresponding pegs on the outside loom, knit over.

Step 2: EW peg 1 and 2, Knit over.

Step 3: Remove stitch from 2nd peg and place on 1st peg, Knit over.

Step 3:  Move stitch from 1st peg to 2nd peg.

Repeat Step 2-4 until 1 stitch is left.

Cut yarn at least 4 inches long. Remove the last stitch from the loom and pull the yarn tail through the loop. Then weave in the ends.