Raliwool Rug is finished

FINALLY I have finished the rug. Actually it has been finished for a while but I was having trouble taking a good picture of it. I must have taken over 50 photos but I just can’t get the camera to cature the lustrious color and texture. I just absolutely adore this yarn, raliwool. It is great to work with and really shows the benefit of the double knit.


Ok here’s another shot….


This is the rug we showed on QVC. It was really a quick shot as we tried to get a lot of samples in.

It feels  really good to be back home.  On-air presentations  are  very trying and exhausting!! I get so nervous and worked up and I am not even the one that goes on air. That’s Pat. She always does a good job, a true expert with the knitting board. But that place is so crazy and you never know who is going to be watching. It takes me about a week to recover. Now I am back and will be writing in our blog more often.

4 thoughts on “Raliwool Rug is finished

  1. Our blog is kind of a creation in progress. I am going to try to post more often. I think we will be doing features on certain stitches and also in depth look at some patterns with more pictures to easily explain the process. Let me know if you have any questions or patterns that you would like detailed here on the blog – kim@knittingboard.com

  2. Hi, yes, QVC aired on Jan 3. It’s an exciting place to be. It’s hard to realize that all the talented folks that get the job done are there 24 hours of every day of every year. It’s fascinating to see: it’s like being on a movie set. Every one is extremely friendly and so helpful that they put one at ease. It was really fun. I think the only hard part of doing something like that, is all the preparation that goes into it and then it’s over in a fast 8 min. Kinda like, ” You’re On, you’re Done”. I love it and hope many of our friends and fellow KB knitters were able to catch some of it. Maybe next time, we’ll earn a daytime spot. But, like I said, it really doesn’t matter once you’re there-it all just continues around the clock.
    I’m working on the Crisscross stitch vs the Box Stitch right now. i want to let everyone who has asked about them, to know what the difference really it- not much, but some. More later. Pat

  3. Hi Pat could you tell me were i can buy the yarn to make this rug .I have just brought a Authentic Knitting board and i dont seem to be able to get this yarn .I live in the uk and find getting the yarn difficult ,please help xxx

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