Summer Elegance Shawl/Scarf

This ultra feminine and lightweight shawl can be worn as a scarf or a shawl. It looks so elegant paired with evening attire. One color blends effortlessly into the next with a thin metallic thread. It is so light and airy.

Loom: 18” All-n-One Loom, 48 stitches needed. Spacer set at 2cm” spacing.

Yarn: Ritratto by Charles Stacy, beautiful DK weight in mohair blend. 50 grams or 198 yds per skein. Mohair 28%, 53% Rayon, 10% nylon, 9% Polyester. Color #114.  Hand wash and dry flat. 2 skeins (If making longer/wider or extra fringe, purchase 3 skeins)

Notions: Knit hook, Crochet hook

Gauge: 5 sts=2” and 2 rows=1” Stitches: Stockinette

Size: Approximate width is 24” X 84” long includes 8” fringe on each end

Pattern Notes: When using a fine or silky yarn, be sure to do the hooking process from left to right to about the center of loom, and then from right to left. Work all pegs on one side of loom, then repeat on opposite side. Always vary the center point on each row so that it will not create a noticeable change of direction. This will assist in keeping both side edges, as well as the center of knitting, even and with stitches the same size.


Cast On 50 stitches in Stockinette stitch. Lay anchor yarn of solid, thick yarn so that it does not blend in color with the mohair yarn.

Row 1: Work in Stockinette stitch.

Repeat row 1 for approximately  144 rows.

It is not necessary to keep count of the rows as you will knit until the shawl is the length you prefer. Just be sure to save .5 skein of yarn for the fringe. Once the shawl knitting is complete, you are ready to bind off from loom. Cut the working yarn with a 8” yarn tail. This can remain as part of a fringe.

Bind Off:  Start at end opposite the yarn tail using the crochet hook. Use the 2 loop method which means to pick up the first 2 loops which will be one from each board. Pull the loop closest to hook thru the other loop, and then pick up another, always alternating the boards. Continue to remove the loops until you have the last loop on the crochet hook. Pull the yarn tail thru the loop to knot. Do the same thing to the loops on the anchor yarn starting at end opposite the yarn tail.

Fringe:  Our shawl has 44 sets of fringe on each end of the shawl, so we have not added fringe to all stitches. You can decide how thick you want your fringe. For each fringe, you will have 2 strands of yarn that are approximately 18-20” long. Start at one corner edge and place first 2-strand fringe into first stitch. Work across the end edge of shawl placing fringe into as many stitches as desired. Work to approx. center of knitting. Work back from other end edge towards the center until you have the entire edge completed. Work the other end of shawl in same manner. Tuck any remaining yarn tails into knitting or knot well and trim. Your lovely mohair shawl is complete and ready to wear! Enjoy.