New Looms!

Hi Knitters,

We have added to our current line of knitting looms. We heard from so many of you about what you were looking for in a new loom. Hopefully,  we answered your needs.  Now you can knit much wider pieces in single knit with the NEW 28″ Knitting Board + extenders. This loom is similar to the All-n-One Loom, in that you can knit in double knit and single knit. There are 168 pegs total for 45″ wide single knit width, and approximately the same width in double knit. We increased the gauge slightly for large afghan and blanket knitting.
Comparing gauge: When double knitting, the NEW 28″ Knitting Board with the 2cm spacing will give you the same gauge as the original 28″ knitting board (metal pins) with the 1/2″ standard spacing.










sockloom_finalsmMake thicker, cozy socks with the Sock Loom 2. Now a loom like the All-n-One but smaller.

Meet the SOCK LOOM 2, same great features of the Original Sock Loom, but wider gauge , and plastic pegs. Great for socks, mittens, leggings, fingerless gloves, toys and many small projects. Below are some patterns from our new Sock Loom Projects Book. These were all made on the Sock Loom 2. The book contains 15 Sock Loom projects (8 projects made on the Sock Loom 2 and 7 projects on the Original Sock Loom 1).













The Loom Knitters Reference Guide is a great tool for all loom knitters. Now get all your basic loom information in one place. Learn the basic stitches for single knitting, double knit and sock knitting, a whole category on it’s own. Lots of illustrations, graphs, charts, techniques, sock tips and more.


4 projects included to get you started. All made on the small 32 peg loom. Knit a baby blanket, hat, scarf, and washcloth. You’ll quickly become a loom knitting pro.











We really hope you enjoy our offerings. Happy Looming from all of us at Authentic Knitting Board!

12 thoughts on “New Looms!

  1. I absolutely LOVE the Loom Knitters Reference guide! In fact I love all the looms & they all fit in my essentials bag of tools, so to speak, quite well! But I gotta say this basic loom included in the kit, paired with notions & the book are the hot new buy! I’d get one for you & one as a gift. My reviews on video for all will come out soon (knitty gritty details), as well as some fun new free patterns, but I gotta say y’all need to check these out. To the KnittingBoard team, owners, designers, tech editors, photographers & more….outstanding work! -Kristen at GoodKnit Kisses

  2. I love al of the new looms. Congrats Pat!
    Kristen, I can’t wait for your new tutorials to come out , on the new looms. Yay 🙂

  3. I would love to know if anyone sells the plastic loom holders that you can rest the loom in while knitting. I only have the use of one and and find it very difficult to hold the loom still. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
    Thanks Jenny

  4. Hi Jenny, I tried searching online, I couldn’t find it either. If you do find out, plz let me know. thx 🙂

  5. I was in Hobby Lobby today to find some novelty yarn, and I found the new KB Loom Knitting Basics kit ($19.99 – USD) in the knitting section. With a 40% off coupon I donwloaded from their website, it cost me $12.00 (USD) plus tax!

  6. Oh that’s great Lonnie, thank you. I will try the Hobby Lobby near me. Btw, you got a great deal!

  7. Hi pat can you order the basic loom kit online anywhere I would love to own one .it can be taking with you in your purse while waiting for a doctors appointment please help locate one

  8. Hi are you guys going to make a 1/4 gauge flexee loom for socks, that would be great if you did. I currently have all of the flexee looms now but a 1/4 gauge in this loom would be fantastic.

  9. Thank you for your feedback. At this point, there are no plans to make another Flexee Links gauge. Perhaps in the future years.

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