It is sad when we have to unravel a big chunk of our knitting. First, it means we made a mistake, second, it means that all that time we put into it is now wasted. But it is best to unravel it and do it all over than to keep going and have it bug you when you are wearing the item.

Today, we will tackle: Unraveling your knitting-get it done efficiently, without losing stitches or the entire project.

First, locate the row that is directly below the error.

Second, grab a piece of contrasting color yarn or a circular knitting needle that is about a size 3 or 4 and about 24 inches in length.

Here is the process:

Now that you have located the row, slide the contrasting color yarn/or needle into each of the V shaped stitches, passing it through one of the legs made by the V of the stitch.

Next, pop the stitches off the knitting loom and unravel the knitting. It will stop unraveling when you reach the contrasting color yarn/knitting needle.

Next, place each stitch that you have on the contrasting color yarn/knitting needle, back on the pegs. You should have the same amount of stitches as what you started off with.

Many knitters call the term of unraveling stitches FROGGING, as you “rip it, rip it, rip it” each of the stitches.

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