Thank you AMAZING knitters!

Thank you knitters for your amazing work and effort in this year’s donations.  We received a record amount,  over 150  hand knit hats, scarves, and shawls for the homeless. THANK YOU!  We were very excited to ship out all these donations this week to ‘Nights Ministry’ in Chicago.

Let’s give a special call out to Bonnie,  Yvonne, Reather,  Shawn, Teresa, Koch, Christina,  Dascoli, Helen,  Swleringa, Peter , Anita,  and Kim. You guys rock! 

Thank you all so very much. We can only imagine how much work, loving kindness and creativity, were involved in each and every one of these beautiful knits. It’s very creative work that will be so comforting to the recipients.

Here is a sampling of the wonderful knits donated…









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  1. Do you need anymore? I’ve been knitting away and ronatj by to our Red cross. Just haven’t gotten anything tompackaf e up to mail. Ferne

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