Easy-Fit Chunky Hat and Cowl

Designed by Amanda Pratt

LOOM:  KB ‘Rotating’ Double Knit Loom, using all 52 pegs.

YARN:  Approx 75 yds for hat, and 80 yds for cowl. Lion Brand Hometown USA in Santa Fe Tweed used in sample.

NOTIONS:  Crochet hook, scissors


EW – Ewrap stitch  KO – Knit over

Pattern Notes: The pattern is worked in the round using a ‘modified figure 8 stitch’. It is the figure 8 stitch using 2 pegs as 1 for chunkier and a looser effect.

Complete pattern VIDEO





Set up loom for double knit using both the inner and outer looms. Cast on stitches all 52 pegs. On the outer loom place a slip knot on peg 52. On the inner loom wrap pegs 1 and 2. Bring yarn to the outer loom, wrap peg 1 and 2, on the inner loom wrap pegs 3 and 4, follow the pattern above until back to peg 1.

Place a strand of scrap yarn at least 25” long over top the stitched in the middle. This will be removed later.

Wrap each peg a second time KO all stitches, bottom stitch over top stitch.

 Round 1-18: Continue with modified figure 8 stitch (wrapping and hooking pegs the same as with cast on round).

Now bind off all stitches. Move all stitches on the inside loom to the corresponding pegs on the outside loom KO. Wrap working yarn around loom 2 times, cut. With loom tool pull working yarn through every other stitch on loom. When back at the

beginning pick up the rest of the stitches and pull the string tight to close the top.

Bind off cast on edge. Use a crochet hook to finish the cast on edge. Start on the opposite end of the cast on string. With crochet hook pick up the last two loops. Pull the second through the first. Pick up the next loop and pull it through the remaining loop on the crochet hook. Repeat this until you have worked all stitches then pull the cast on tail through the remaining loop and tighten.


The cowl is worked exactly the same as the hat, except the cowl is longer and bind off is not gathered.

Cast on 52 pegs in modified figure 8 stitch.

Round 1-25 : Work modified figure 8 stitch.

Move all stitches on the inside loom to the corresponding pegs on the outside loom KO. Then use basic bind off to remove stitches.

Step 1: EW peg 1 and 2, KO.

Step 2: Remove stitch from 2nd peg and place on 1st peg, KO.

Step 3:  Move stitch from 1st peg to 2nd peg.

Repeat Step 1-3 until 1 stitch is left.

Cut yarn at least 4 inches long. Remove last stitch from loom and pull the yarn tail through the loop. The weave in ends.

 Complete pattern VIDEO

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  1. Hello!

    Thank you for the knitting patterns!
    I was just offered a knittingboard with 106 pegs.
    As I am french I have no clue what kind of yarns can be used to knit your patterns with the boards. I know sizes in french, not in english ?
    Is there any size? Any limits of how big the yarns can be?

    I know how to knit with needles

    Thank you!!!
    I cannot wait to start and test my knittingboard!

    Have a nice day!

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