First Rug with Rali Wool

knitrug2.JPGI have been working on my first rug with the Rali Wool and I wanted to show some photos of the progress. There are so many options of design that I could incorporate into the rug.  But, I decided to start rather simple and see how it goes.  Actually part of the fun is designing as you go along. I am using the Rali wool -Spring  for the frame and the Blue Midnight  for the base color. The stripe is knit in Sunset. I am pondering the idea of adding another narrow stripe of color, but there are so many awesome colors it’s hard to decide.  I’m using the 28″ knitting board and the rug will be approximately 32″ wide using 82pins of the board.

Some tips in creating the frame around the base color:

  • Use 2 seperate skeins. Don’t tie in color.
  • When you are ready to change colors just twist yarn around the other color just to attach the yarns together. Otherwise you will be creating 2 stripes that aren’t attached. (photo below)


4 thoughts on “First Rug with Rali Wool

  1. The rug looks beautiful!!! Now that I’ve finally finished my last Christmas gift I can make something that I want to make!!!!

  2. This is a beautiful rug. I was wondering do you have a pattern for this
    rug, and how many skeins of yarn would i need to use.

  3. I am still working on the rug. We have been so busy with the Christmas rush that knitting has been rather slow. As soon as I finish I will get it photographed and give all the details. But it is looking really cool!!

  4. Hi Pat,
    I saw your spot on QVC and you did an awesome job of explaining the advantages of KWON! I loved the rug and I know that I will be trying a rug of my own very soon.
    Thanks for sharing and inspiring us, Connie

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