Flexee Loom Crown Decreases (for top of hat)


With regular knitting looms  decreasing at the top of the hat has always been a challenge, but with Flexee Looms, increasing and decreasing is super easy to do.

We feature 3 decrease options. The easiest decrease is the Quick Crown Decrease.

This decrease includes 3 rounds of continuous decreases (K2tog) per round, all around the knitting loom,  going first from 80 pegs to 40 pegs, then 40 to 20 and finally 20 to 10 pegs. See video of this technique below. This produces the top of hat that you see in the yellow hat. (Video is using Flexee Skinny, but same decrease can be done with any size Flexee Loom.)

Quick Crown Decrease

The Basic Crown Decrease creates a swirl at the top of the hat and also produces a very smooth cup shape without any wrinkles in the knit. This decrease can be made with a right leaning swirl, or a left leaning swirl. It just depends on which look your prefer for top of your hat. White hat is knit with  Basic Decrease (right leaning). And the Blue hat used the Basic Decrease (left leaning).  Both decreases can be used with the all size Flexee Looms. If using the Flexee Chunky start with Knit 4, K2tog. if using the Flexee Skinny, start with Knit 8, K2tog.

Basic Crown Decrease (Right Leaning)

5 thoughts on “Flexee Loom Crown Decreases (for top of hat)

  1. I sometimes find your sale price at Hobby Lobby & don’t have to figure or pay the shipping. I hit the jackpot with the flexee and the rotation double knit. I had only hoped they’d have one of them in stock. They had both. With a Hobby Lobby coupon I saved another 40%. I haven’t even had time to read the info that came with them. But it will be a long winter & I will explore & experiment while I watch birds use feeders outside the window. AT LEAST THAT’S MY PLAN! Time will tell. But I want to snag a few basic (or irresistible) patterns for each. I am trying to start small so I will finish them in a timely manner. Sometimes I don’t. One hat, regular knit with crochet segments has taken almost a year. But that’s inspiration because there’s no pattern for somethings I have done & more I tried without success. But it will be worth it soon. Almost done & weather cooling.

    But I want to start these looms off with patterns to encourage me to stay focused. Thank you for offering free patterns. I haven’t figured out how to convert many things from knit or crochet to loom. I know it can be done. I’m just not that knowledgeable yet. I appreciate the videos a lot when I get stuck on a stitch. Even knit & purl were a challenge in the beginning. Unlearning an old way can slow down the new learning until you get a new foresight.

    Again thank you for patterns AND ALSO FOR QUALITY LOOMS!! IT’S A BIG DIFFERENCE!

  2. I love all my kb products. I have also bought 2 chunky flexee at hobby lobby but not always in stock. I dont mind ordering because it is quickest ive ever seen as getting to me.

  3. Thank you for this! Flexee looms are my new favorite. One request I have – can you do a pack of 3 peg pieces so that we can work an odd number in the round? It would be helpful for some of the spiral hat and cowl patterns I see.

  4. How many inches for the decrease itself so I know when to start the decreases. Im using skinny loom and #5 yarn.

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