Easy Double Knit Shawl

Designed By Amanda Pratt

LOOM:  KB ‘Rotating’ Double Knit Loom with the 60 Peg Topper.

YARN:  Approx 450 yards . Cozy Wool By Loops & Threads in Clematis Lot #2307, 5 skeins, used in sample.

NOTIONS:  Crochet hook, knit hook, scissors.

SIZE: 65”x 18”


EW – E-Wrap

KO – knit over





Pattern is worked in a double knit flat panel using a modified figure 8 stitch (2 pegs as 1). See complete video link at end of pattern.

Casting on: On the outer loom place a slipknot on peg 60 (inner loom) wrap pegs 1 and 2 on the outer loom . Bring yarn around peg 2 on the inner loom, and wrap peg 1 and 2. Then continue to outer loom, peg 3 and 4. Make sure to wrap in a figure 8 pattern, like photo. Continue until peg 58.

Place anchor yarn (piece of scrap yarn) at least 35” long over top the stitched in the middle. This will be removed later.

From inner loom peg 57 , wrap outer loom pegs 57 and 58, inner loom pegs 55 and 56, then to 55 and 56 of the outer loom. Continue in this pattern until you reach peg 1.

Knit over all stitches, bottom stitch over top stitch. Stitches are now cast on.

Row 1: Repeat the wrapping process, wrapping 2 pegs at a time. (see photo). Once all pegs have 2 loops, hook over stitches. Repeat Row 1 until desired length.

Bind off: Move all stitches on the inside loom to the corresponding pegs on the outside loom. Treat both stitches as one and use the basic bind off.

Step 1 : EW peg 1 and 2, knit over

Step 2 : Remove stitch from 2nd peg and place on 1st peg, knit over.

Step 3 :  Move stitch from 1st peg to 2nd peg.

Repeat Step 1-3 until 1 stitch is left.

Cut yarn at least 4 inches long. Remove last stitch from loom and pull the yarn tail through the loop.

Bind off from cast on edge: Use a crochet hook to finish the cast on edge. Start on the opposite end of the cast on yarn. With crochet hook pick up the last two loops. Pull the second through the first. Pick up the next loop and pull it through the remaining loop on the crochet hook. Repeat this until you have worked all stitches then pull the cast on tail through the remaining loop and tighten.

Weave in ends.

FRINGE *OPTIONAL* (15 each side)

  • Cut 60 strips of yarn 10”-12” long , approx20 yards total.
  • Place two strands together to pull through the cast on and bind off edge.
  • Hold 2 strands together and fold in half.
  • Use a crochet hook to pull the middle through the edge between stitches.
  • Pull the tail through the loop and tighten.
  • Repeat until the edge is done. Trim uneven strands.

See complete video of pattern:  Pattern Video

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