Fun Santa hat from Dora R Wilkerson.

santa-hat-dora-wilkerson.jpgDora says she is working on a ‘mrs santa hat’ to go with this one.   I haven’t heard how she came up with this cute design, but the info will be coming.   Lots of sharing of our Christmas ideas will really keep us all busy.  This was posted last year, but it’s time to give some thought to the Holidays 2007.

2 thoughts on “Fun Santa hat from Dora R Wilkerson.

  1. This picture has really inspired me. I have never knitted and have been considering buying a board. If I start small (the 10″), would I be able to make these cute little ornaments? Or, should I just purchase a large one so that I don’t limit what I can make?

  2. Hi, the 10″ board is fun to work on and especially if you want to work anywhere and be able to stuff it into your bag. then, if you want to own just one board and be able to do anything, I would say the 28″ small gauge is the most versatile. also, the middle board, the 18″ is both easy to work and very flexible for mid size items or items with more pieces. I work on this one a lot and enjoy. It’s very comfortable for me. Pat

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