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Introducing a revolution in loom knitting – Flexee Loom ‘patent pending’ Links. Snap links together to create a FLEXIBLE knitting loom!  Now you can custom build your own knitting loom with the exact peg count needed for your project. The kit can create several small looms or one large loom using all your links.  You decide the size and shape you want to create!

The Links are available in 2 sizes, Flexee Loom Links Skinny – 3/8″ gauge for thin, worsted weight yarn and Flexee Loom Links Chunky 5/8″ gauge for think, bulky yarn.









Kits consist of straight and rotating links. The rotating links have a rounded ends for optimum rotating and flexibility. The straight links have square ends that can be used to create straight loom sections, or they can be used in conjunction with round links to give your rounded shape more structure.






  • Create any size loom!
  • Loom sits right on your lap, no need to have a large space.
  • Color coordinate your links to mark your stitches.
  • Increase and decrease easily, while knitting.
  • Do small weaving projects with straight links.
  • It’s super fun to connect and build your custom loom!

Flexee Loom Skinny Kit Includes:  48 small gauge links (32 rounded links and 16 straight links). It’s a total of 96 pegs.

Flexee Loom Chunky Includes: 36 large gauge links (24 rounded links and 12 straight links). It’s total of 72 pegs.


Buy your Flexee Loom Links today and let the FUN begin!

Buy Looms:  Flexee Loom Skinny, click here. 

Flexee Loom Chunky, click here.


11 thoughts on “Flexee Loom Links

  1. This looks cool but one concern would be how to keep it in a circle . It to me looks to flexible. I like the to colors . This is good for knit two ,purl two.

  2. It does have some structure to it when in a circle, but you don’t need to keep it in a circle shape. You can just hold the section you are working on and then turn it.

  3. What is the center to center distance between the pegs? I use the old purple adult loom which has 48 pegs, 5/8″ apart so it seems that 72 pegs would make a HUGE hat. I’ve been looking for something with 42 pegs that would be inbetween the 36 and 48 peg options. Looks very interesting.

  4. Could I buy more than one set and join them? That would allow me to do large projects (like a blanket) without having to sew it.

  5. Hi Milton, The Chunky has 5/8″ spacing, and the Skinny has 3/8″ spacing. And yes you can link together any amount of links to create any ‘even’ peg count.

  6. Have you tried making a single peg for the Flexee Looms to make an odd numbered pattern?

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