Chunky Double-Pom Hat

Designed by Ace Beorchia

This chunky hat features two stylish pom poms that add pizazz to any look. This beginner quick-knit hat has the designer style you’re looking for and can be made in only a few hours!

LOOM:  KB ‘Adjustable’ Multi-Knit Loom, 40 pegs in large gauge.

YARN: 2 skeins of Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick & Quick yarn (Urban Camo and Oatmeal used in sample)

NOTIONS:  tapestry needle, pins or stitch markers (optional)

SIZE:  Baby to adult.

The pattern is sized for child age 3-4 (up to appx. 19.5” head circumference). The end of this pattern contains information to make adjustments to the Adjustable Multi-Knit Loom to accommodate smaller or larger head circumferences.


k=knit stitch

p=purl stitch






The pattern is worked in the round and bound off with the basic bind off method. The bound off piece is laid flat (inside-out) and whip-stitched together at the top. After turning the hat right-side-out, pom poms are added to the top two corners to complete the hat.


Prepare the loom using the large gauge (removing every other peg).  Use (2) rounded parts, and the (2) 12 holed rails.

In main color, cast on 40 sts. Prepare to work in the rnd.

Rnds 1-10: *k, p; rep from * to end of rnd.

Rnds 11-30 (or desired length): k to the end of rnd.

Keeping a loose tension, bind off with basic bind off method (see video here). Leave a long loose end (appx. 3 feet) to stitch the piece closed in the next step.

At this point, the top of the hat is ready to be stitched closed. To do this, turn the piece inside out. Lay the piece flat with the loose end from the bind off on the right side of the piece.

Align the stitches so that stitches 1 and 40, 2 and 39, 3 and 38, (all the way to sts 20 and 21), line up. Use pins or stitch markers to hold the two sides together.

Using a whip stitch, stitch the two sides together. (For a professional look, make sure your needle enters and exits all stitches in the same place.)

When you reach the end of the hat (sts 20 and 21), tie a knot and weave in all loose ends. Turn hat right-side out.

To finish the hat, in contrast color, create two pom poms and attach to the top corners of the hat.


Using the current pattern, the hat is appx. 16” in circumference. (Accounting for negative ease, the hat will fit up to about a 19.5” head circumference.) Every 6 large-gauge stitches add appx. 2.25” to the hat’s circumference. You can use this information to create baby, youth, and even adult size hats by adding or subtracting large-gauge modules to/from the loom when assembling. (Remember to account for about 2” of negative ease when calculating the number of stitches needed.)

For example, to increase (or decrease) the hat’s circumference by 2.25”, attach (or remove) one 3-peg (large gauge) module to (from) each side of the loom.

Use the following guide to determine approximate head circumferences and lengths by age and gender:

Pattern adjustments

If adjusting the loom’s size, complete the pattern as written, but add additional knit rows to achieve the desired length.

When stitching the hat together, follow the same basic instructions in the pattern by turning the piece inside out, aligning the stitches together with the loose end on the right side, and stitching the hat closed. Turn the hat right-side out and attach pom poms on both corners.