Introducing… Adjustable Multi-Knit Loom


Introducing the Adjustable Multi-Knit Loom. This loom does it all, super versatile! Consists of 18 loom parts with snap-in connection. Pegs stay in while in use but are removable when needed. Works in both small and large gauge, and single and double knit.

The loom arrives with all pegs in place.

Total Pegs: 220 (extra pegs included)

Gauge: 3/8″ and 3/4″

Size: 7″ x 20″

Maximum Knitting Width: 5 Feet

Material: High-grade plastic

Kit includes:

  • 18 modular parts
  • Instruction
  • 3 projects
  • Knit hook


You have requested it and now it’s here!  Introducing a modular oval loom that can knit large blankets and other big projects.  It’s our KB Hat Loom replacement, but does so much more!

Make hats, shawls, blankets and more! 

Loom comes with 18 parts for multiple configurations.  The loom arrives with pegs already assembled, and ready to go.   The easy snap-in parts stay in place, so no need for separate connectors as each piece just snaps into the next.  Simple, quick release thumb lever makes easy adjustments.

  • Knit blankets up to 60” wide.
  • Knit hats in 4 sizes!
  • Easy to set up and change your gauge.
  • Can work in both single knit and double knit.
  • Small and large gauge… possibilities are endless!
  • Loom comes with 3 projects to get started.

Note: When your loom first arrives some connections my be a little tight. With use they will loosen up to just the right amount of tension. But if you have pieces that are giving you trouble, you can apply a lubricant  to the male ends like petroleum jelly, or bar soap.



50 thoughts on “Introducing… Adjustable Multi-Knit Loom

  1. Hello…I was wondering if there will be a video of adjusting the loom. I’m having a really hard time. The pieces are not wanting to separate when I push the button in.

  2. Hello…will there be a video explaining in greater detail how to adjust this loom? I’m having issues with the pieces not separating when the button is pushed.

  3. Hi Charlotte, We designed the loom to have tighter connections so that all parts stay secure especially when working on big projects. They will loosen up over time. But until they get to the ideal looseness with repeat use, we recommend if a part is giving you trouble to coat the male end in bar soap or even petroleum jelly. It will make it much easier to attach.

  4. Where can I find the news letter? Will it be announced on kb fb ? When the adjustable hat loom is back in stock?

  5. Just curious, but are the pieces on the new loom compatible/comparable to the original. I have the original adjustable hat loom and love it. Several people have tried to talk me into giving it to them. I was wishing I could have gotten another one to make it larger by combining 2 of them when it was discontinued.

  6. Hi Pat
    I have a question about this loom I bought this and wanted to see if its possible to set the loom up with a 5/8 gauge I am making a garter stitch pattern the yarn is # 6 bulky and when I tried to make it the pattern says use a large gauge 11/16 .so how many pegs would I remove to make it a 5/8
    Could I wrap 2 pegs as 1 and remove 1 peg so there is a space between the 2 pegs knitted as 1 please

  7. When it gets closer to being back in stock will we be able to order/pre-order it. I get the newsletters so I’m going to keep a eye out for it. It’s the only loom you’ve made that I don’t have, I have all the others. I’m going to need to order those cool new rubber markers

  8. I’m super excited to try this new loom. I would definitely buy it. Can I pre-order it? I’m concerned that you might run out of it again.

  9. Wondering the smallest hat size this new loom would make? I make new born and preemie hats for hospitals.

  10. Its February! I’ve been checking the blog every day wishing and hoping the kb adjustable loom will be in stock. ?

  11. I missed my chance last time there was stock. 🙁 I search for notifications everyday in hopes that I can go ahead and order mine. I’ve been telling my mom to keep an eye out to and get one for herself, as well. I have so many projects in mind!! 😀

  12. The smallest setting is 18 pegs. Assembling the two smallest U-shaped pieces together (both of which are already assembled in the package).

  13. I am just dyin to get the multi knit loom I watch every day to see when it comes available. Is there any word maybe what day we can order it.

  14. Oi eu gostei dos teares e gostaria de poder fazer peças lindas assim,moro no Brasil e gostaria de ter um. Como faço pra adquirir.

  15. HI What craft stores will have this loom. Because i do not order any thing on line. I pay cash for every thing.

  16. Can this be configured small enough to make adult socks and mitts?

    The Q & As say the smallest configuration is 28 pins, but I can’t find anything comparing this gauge to the gauge for Sock Loom 2 (54 pegs) and therefore can’t tell if 28 on this loom will be small enough.

  17. If I have 2 of these and I use all the straight rails set in 3/8 gauge, is it possible to knit a king size blanket without having to sew panels together?

  18. I just received my new adjustable loom, for what seemed like took forever to get here.

    As I was opening the box, much to my dismay it shows this product was made in China.

    With the Coronavirus spreading rapidly worldwide, I need to know if it’s safe to have this product in my home.

    I didn’t find any information on your website addressing this subject. I’m surprised no one else has brought this up. Please advise.

  19. As for right now, we have not made any comparison charts between this loom and the sock looms. Hang tight, maybe in the coming months we will have something of the kind.

  20. I received my new multi loom. I cant wait to use it. How soon will you have free patterns? There should be a big variety as there is so many ways to put it together. On your free pattern website are any of those patterns useable on the new loom?

  21. You can use any of the patterns that use the same gauge as the loom. A lot of the hat patterns that use the Premium Hat looms can be used on this loom. The same with patterns done on the AIO.

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