Introducing… Adjustable Multi-Knit Loom


Introducing the Adjustable Multi-Knit Loom. This loom does it all, super versatile! Consists of 18 loom parts with snap-in connection. Pegs stay in while in use but are removable when needed. Works in both small and large gauge, and single and double knit.

The loom arrives with all pegs in place.

Total Pegs: 220 (extra pegs included)

Gauge: 3/8″ and 3/4″

Size: 7″ x 20″

Maximum Knitting Width: 5 Feet

Material: High-grade plastic

Kit includes:

  • 18 modular parts
  • Instruction
  • 3 projects
  • Knit hook


You have requested it and now it’s here!  Introducing a modular oval loom that can knit large blankets and other big projects.  It’s our KB Hat Loom replacement, but does so much more!

Make hats, shawls, blankets and more! 

Loom comes with 18 parts for multiple configurations.  The loom arrives with pegs already assembled, and ready to go.   The easy snap-in parts stay in place, so no need for separate connectors as each piece just snaps into the next.  Simple, quick release thumb lever makes easy adjustments.

  • Knit blankets up to 60” wide.
  • Knit hats in 4 sizes!
  • Easy to set up and change your gauge.
  • Can work in both single knit and double knit.
  • Small and large gauge… possibilities are endless!
  • Loom comes with 3 projects to get started.

Note: When your loom first arrives some connections my be a little tight. With use they will loosen up to just the right amount of tension. But if you have pieces that are giving you trouble, you can apply a lubricant  to the male ends like petroleum jelly, or bar soap.



61 thoughts on “Introducing… Adjustable Multi-Knit Loom

  1. I would like to know when this maybe on sale or offer free shipping, I think the price is great just having a hard time with the shipping.

  2. Are you still taking orders for the new multi adjustable loom and how ow long does it take for shipment?

  3. Yes, we are taking orders for all our knitting looms. Orders are being shipped regularly throughout the week.

  4. I recently purchased the attractive adjustable multi-knit loom. It is wonderful. I have almost all of the KB looms that are available and this one is the best. You can work large projects and hold it comfortably in your lap. The connections are tight, but the firmness of each of the components is important to working large pieces. As usual KB looms came out with the most professionally manufactured product. They are an awesome company in every way!

  5. What size yarn can be used on this??? So many project ideas I have for my loom yet don’t know what size yarn.

  6. One issue I have found with this loom is I wish there were a few single or double peg pieces. I have found it impossible to knit in the round in multiples of 6 because of the limited variety of the connections.

  7. Hi! I am from Canada, canI still order this loom? Looks GREAT! How much more would I have to pay? Thank you!

  8. We do ship to Canada. Try adding the the product to your cart, this way you can check out shipping rate before you place an order. It all depends on your address and the shipping service you use.

  9. I have a project that requires a regular gauge, 7/16″ or 1/2″ loom. Would this loom work with the loom that it is requiring?

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