It’s Finally Here!!


Such great names and so much fun just seeing what everyone came up with. We really had a tough time selecting a name.







Thank you so much, everyone  who participated. We may consider some of the names for future use with some other yarns.  

This particular yarn has been tested  using several different fibers for durability, softness and endurance.

We decided on a  wool and mohair combination because of it’s great sturdiness and hand, and the results  of hand-dying are so beautiful. We worked with the tightness of the twist so that it would be soft, yet firm, and  would hold up well as rug yarn.

We thouhgt the name should be something short and catchy.

So here are the runners up:

“Stonewall” by Dora Renee Wilkerson

“Woolybully” by Michelle Barbour

“Barefoot” by Kristin

“Shannandoah” by Faith

“Woodlands” by Faith

“Praire” by Kim Cypers

All runners up will recieve 10% off first yarn purchase. Please email for your discount number for ordering.

We actually were inspired by 2 names that helped us come up with our new name. These were “Rugbee” by Evelyn Ayre and “MoWool” by Rita Miller. They will recieve 2 skeins of the new yarn.

Congratulations to all our winners!

So we kind of combined these to form a new word that means: A great rug yarn that is soft, durable, warm and very cozy –



4 thoughts on “It’s Finally Here!!

  1. On the rug, you say don’t tie the yarn together to change colors. Do you need to leave a tail so you can weave it together later on? Thanks.

  2. Sue,

    When you are doing a frame around the rug like the the sample above, you don’t need to cut yarn when you change colors. Instead, you actually work from 2 skeins and just twist the yarn strands to interlock colors together. But if you are doing stripes, this is different and you cut yarn and tie on other color. Note: If your stripes are only 2 rows each, I would not cut yarn. I would just pick up new color then when I am ready to go back to other color it’s all ready to go.

    I hope this makes sense.


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