Honeycomb Cowl (double knit)

This is a very simple double knit pattern knit on the ‘Rotating’ Double Knit Loom.  Pattern is worked over 60 rounds in rib stitch, alternating the rib stitch every 5 rounds.

Designed by Amanda Pratt

LOOM:  ‘Rotating’ Double Knit Loom with 60 Peg Loom Topper

YARN:  Sample knit with Premier Candy Shop yarn,  1 skein, 100% acrylic. Use #4 or #5 yarn, approx 250-300 yds.

NOTIONS:  crochet hook, tensioner, row counter (optional).

Note: Amanda’s Honeycomb Stitch uses the rib stitch, wrapping in a figure 8 method,  which is different from rib stitch taught by KB. Work with manner you feel most comfortable. Rib stitch video of both methods are included. The stitch pattern used in the pattern is also known as ‘Honeycomb’.


RS = Double Knit Ribbed Stitch (rib stitch begins on peg 2)

IRS = Inverted Ribbed Stitch (an alternate rib, begins on peg 1)


 Cast On in rib stitch using all 60 pegs.

Round 1-5: IRS

Round 6-10: RS

Round 11-15: IRS

Round 16-20: RS

Round 21-25: IRS

Round 26-30: RS

Round 31-35: IRS

Round 36-40: RS

Round 41-45: IRS

Round 46-50: RS

Round 51-55: IRS

Round 56-60: RS

Round 61-65:IRS

Remove each stitch from the inside loom placing them on the corresponding peg on the outer loom. Then knit over stitches (move bottom loop over top loop on each peg).

Cast off using the Basic Bind Off.

Full Video of the Honeycomb Cowl with Amanda

Option: If using the rib stitch taught by KB, Video, then the  ‘Inverted Rib Stitch’  starts stitch on peg 2 instead of peg 1. This will alternate the rib stitch.


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  1. Can this pattern be printed so we can use it in a chair or where we can sit and place the rotating loom?? Thank you

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