Frilly Girly Skirt Pattern

Skirt 095

My little girl loves tutus and anything that has to do with frilly girly things. One day, she was putting one of my ruffle style scarves around her waist and it look really good, except that the ruffles were going sideways. I decided to remedy the sideways ruffles and got to work designing her a skirt.


Loom: 100 peg small gauge knitting loom. All-n-One Loom was used to create sample.

Yarn: 20 yards of worsted weight yarn (CY: Contrasting Yarn). 40-60 yards of ruffle style yarn, amount depends on the length of skirt you want to create (MY: main yarn).  Sample shows a skirt with 1 skein of yarn.

Notions: Knitting tool, tapestry needle.

Other: 24 inch piece of ½ inch width elastic (for Waist Band 2)

Size: S, M, L (18, 20, 22 inches). Sample shown L-fits around a waist that is 22 inches in circumference (fits a 7 year old).). Skirt length depends on the number of Ruffle yarn skeins you used. Sample shows one skein and the skirt is 9 inch in length.

Gauge: Taken with worsted weight yarn: 9 sts x 12 rows =2 inches.

Waist Band Instructions (Two options provided)

Option 1:
Using CY, CCO 84 (92, 100) sts, join to work in the round.
Rnd 1-8: *k2, p2; rep from * to the end of rnd. Cut yarn, attach MY.

Option 2:
Using CY, CCO 84(92, 100) sts, join to work in the round.
Rnd 1-10: k to the end of rnd.
Rnd 11: p to the end of rnd.
Rnd 12: 21: k to the end of rnd.

Next: Move every other loop of the CY  over one peg, so you have every other peg with two loops.

Break yarn, leave a 30 inch yarn tail if working Option 2. Join MY.

MY will be using as a ruffle, open the netting and locate the top row of eyelets/netting openings.
Next Rnd: *Place one yarn loop (eyelet) on peg, skip peg; rep from * to the end of rnd. Lift over both CY loops off the peg, leaving only the ruffle style yarn on the peg.
Next: *Place one yarn loop (eyelet) on peg, skip peg; rep from * to the end of rnd. Lift bottommost  loop off the peg.

Skirt 097

Rep last round until item measures 12 inches (or desired length) from change of yarn.
BBO. Weave MY ends in.

Waist Band Finish

Waist Band 2 option only: Measure waist of recipient, insert elastic between the wrong side of the Waist Band area, sew the ends of the elastic together, fold waist band, purl row marks the half way mark. Using CY, sew the cast on row to the last row of the CY area.

Ruffle skirt

One thought on “Frilly Girly Skirt Pattern

  1. What a great project. I’m going to try this as a gift for my girlfriends daughter who will be turning eight, so I have a few questions:

    1. CCO means cable cast-on, correct?
    2. When placing the ruffle yarn onto pegs do I follow the basic instructions of how to use this yarn? (Meaning, the companies that make it tell you to skip one eyelet to create the ruffling effect)
    3. In option 2 does “Rnd 12: 21: k to the end of rnd” mean that there is 10 rounds completed with the knit stitch?
    4.If using opion 2, when the ruffle yarn is added, do you complete the ruffle stitching as stated in the directions and disregard the * sign (only asking because there are no *’s in the option 2 waist band directions)?
    5. I know BO stands for Bind-Off, so what does BBO stand for? Basic Bind-Off?
    6. When moving stitches over to create the skipped peg, which way should I move the stitches? Right or left from my starting anchor peg? Do I take the stitch from Peg 1 and move it to Peg 2 or 99?
    7. When stitching for the different sizes (84 and the 92), are there looms that have that number of pegs?
    8. Would you think about posting this project onto YouTube as a follow along project?

    Thanks so much for this great project! I hope to hear back from you so I can start knitting this!


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