New Stitch Instructions!

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SO much has been going on lately here at the Knitting Board Company.   Ok, where to start……

First of all our new yarn has had another small delay, but I assure  you it is going to be awesome. I just had to see another sample adding  a little new fiber which took several days. So I guess it is my fault but I want it to the perfect combination.

We are still looking at all the names so if you still have more name ideas please leave them in the “COMMENTS“. We will keep it secret until yarn  is  presented.

We now have NEW STITCH instructions. Hopefully these will be helpful. The instructions have a lot of photos to make learning the stitches very easy. We have included the LOOPY RIB which is a brand new stitch from Brazil. It is a  cool one for ponchos or shawls where you want a nice “loose look”.

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