Baby Sky Hat and Booties

LOOM: KB Baby-Knit Looms, 56 and 24 peg.

YARN: Lion Brand Feels Like Butta yarn, #4.Color: Ice Glacé,  100% Polyester, 1 skein.

NOTIONS: Knitting hook, tapestry needle

GAUGE: 5 sts and 8 rows =1”

SIZE: Hat and booties (0-3 months)









Cast on all 56 pegs with ewrap stitch.

Round 1:  knit to end of round.

Round 2: purl to end of the round.

Repeat these two rows until you have 3.5 inches

Next Round: knit round.

Repeat round until hat measures 7 inches from cast on edge.

Bind Off loom with gather bind off method.

Weave in ends


Booties (knit 2)

Using the purple loom, cast on all 24 pegs using the ewrap stitch.

Round 1: knit to end.

Round 2: purl to end.

Repeat round 1 and 2, 8 times.

Next round: knit to end.

Repeat round, 4 more times.

Next round: Create eyelets for the ties.

*knit 2 pegs. place next stitch on the peg to the left, bring working yarn across the front of the empty peg to knit those 2 stitches together* repeat from * to * for entire round.

Make sure to knit the yarn overs across the empty pegs.

Next 6 rounds: knit to end.



Work heel in short-rows over the first 12 stitches. Place a peg marker on peg 1 and peg 12.

Knit from 1-11. W&T 12. Knit from 11-2. W&T 1.

Knit from 2 -10. W&T 11. Knit from 10-3. W&T 2.

Knit from 3-9. W&T 10. Knit from 9-4. W&T 3.

Knit from 4-8. W&T 9. Knit from 8-5. W&T 4.

(Note: The following increase rows will require working all previous wraps and stitches together as one.  This can be up to 2 wraps and a stitch worked as one.)

Knit from 5-9. W&T 10.

Knit from 9-4. W&T 3.

Knit from 4-10. W&T 11.

Knit from 10-3. W&T 2.

Knit from 3-11. W&T 12.

Knit from 11-2. W&T 1.

Pegs 1 and 12 have two wraps and the stitch. On the first round of the sole and foot, work the pegs with the extra wraps together with the stitch.


Next 4 rounds: purl to end.

Next 2 rounds: knit to end.

Next 4 rounds:  purl to end.


Repeat same process used for Heel.

Bind off with kitchener stitch.

Ties (make 2)

With crochet hook chain 82 stitches.  Weave in ends, thread through eyelets and tie in a bow.