Mittens, thumbs, oh dear! Final part

How are you all my dear loomies! Almost done with those mittens? Ready to tackle the thumb!

Here goes nothing. You have at this point lovely mitten with a big hole on one side. You have two options, leave it as a hole or knit a little more and have a complete mitten, hopefully you will choose the latter.

If you are ready to start with your thumb, then lets get started :).

Thumb Instructions:

PU=pick up
WY=Working yarn

Set your loom to a 18 peg configuration.
PU 7 sts from the stitch holder and place them on the loom.
PU 2 sts from the side of the thumb hole, PU 7 sts from the mitten (the 7 pegs that you casted on, place those loops on the pegs), PU 2 sts from the other side of the thumb hole. 18 sts on the loom.

Rnd 1-14: Join WY to first peg. k to the end of rnd.
Optional (if you want to taper the end of the thumb, if not, skip this round): Rnd 16: k8, k2tog, k8, k2tog.
Rnd 17-18: k

Now, you may be asking yourself how did she get the yarn to match. If you are using self-striping yarn, you are going to have to unravel the yarn until you get to the same spot of dye color as in your first mitten, the thumb was pure luck that I ended up with the same type of color change as the body of the mitten–the stars were aligned.

Have fun knitting your mitts!!!

7 thoughts on “Mittens, thumbs, oh dear! Final part

  1. J’ adore…magnifique les travaillers.
    Je suis brasilienne, adorée travaille manualles.

  2. I need help. I have a great pattern (or so I thought) for my knitting board. It calls for a slip stitch a number of times and I can not figure out how do do one. I thought it was a form of decreasing, but when I apply that principle the pattern does not work!! Many thanks for any help

  3. will you post the pattern or how many pegs we need for different sizes of mitts to make

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