New yarn on my loom!

Circulo Renda Trico yarn

I found this yarn over the summer and I couldn’t wait to try it. However, many commitments fell on my lap over the summer (books, books, books!) and finally after many months of waiting, I am able to pick up the loom and this gorgeous yarn and try it out.

Isn’t it beautiful! It is just like lace except you can knit it! It is another awesome yarn that I think will have a similar effect as the ruffle style yarn has had. I am giddy about trying it out on the loom and making a gorgeous scarf like the one pictured on the right. Of course, I have had other more ideas in my head, like a pair of bloomers with this lace yarn on the back to create the “fluffy” part of the bloomers. Or how about a pair of socks with a few layers of lace by the cuff! Oh yes! Lovely, lovely lace!

Here is a sneak peak and how it is going to work. The lace has small eyelets along one of the sides. You will use each eyelet and place it on a peg. Just like when working with regular yarn, you will want to put another loop on the peg. Once you have two loops (eyelets) on the peg, then you will lift the bottom loop over the top.

Be sure to come back and I’ll show you the end product…crossing fingers that it will be as beautiful and as full as the sample picture.

Where to find the yarn? I found it at Webs aka Follow this link and it will take you directly to the yarn.

Price: Retails for $19.95.

How much do you need for a project? A scarf, at least one skein. If you want an extra long scarf or a larger item, I would suggest to get all your yarn at the same time as you want to have the same dyelot.


2 thoughts on “New yarn on my loom!

  1. I know ruffles are all the “it” right now but I’m not really comfortable having an entire scarf with it. I’ve made a couple and they are very soft! I DO like the idea of putting them as accents on gloves, socks, sleeves and such. I plan on working that into some of my upcoming projects.

  2. What Bind Off method did you use? I think that’s where I would get confused. I love your patterns. Thank you.

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