Open Rib Stitch (double knit in the round)

This is a great stitch for a chunky look, and is very easy to create even for a beginner. One side of knit is chunky rib, and the other side, regular stockinette.

Sample knit with Loops and Threads, Barcelona yarn, #4.

To begin, cast on all 52 pegs in stockinette.  Then move (outer loom only) every other loop to next peg, so that one peg is empty and the next one has 2 loops. Do this all around the outer loom.


Weave in stockinette always wrapping the pegs with 2 loops on the outer loom, and on the inner loom, wrap all pegs. Be sure to keep the empty pegs empty.

This will create 3 loops on every other peg and the empty pegs stay empty. Work with loose tension.

Continue the round so that the pegs with 3 loops, now have 4 loops.

The outer loom will have 4 loops on ‘every other’ peg.

Hook over 2 loops over 2 loops on outer loom and 1 loop over 1 loop on the inner loom. Then repeat the process.

The inner loom will have just 2 loops.  Hook 1  over 1.

To create the headband above, work a total of 14 rounds in open rib stitch. A thinner or wider band can be made, depending on how many rounds are worked and desired. Bind off with basic bind off with crochet hook.


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7 thoughts on “Open Rib Stitch (double knit in the round)

  1. HI, Are you having a problem with this stitch? If so, please tell us about it as we want to make it easy for you. At what point are you having a problem and maybe we can explain it better.
    Thanks, Pat

  2. I have both sizes of looms for the rotating loom and am wondering what other loom sizes or head sizes they fit. I can’t wear hats off the 36 peg loom. Prefer the 41, 48 or 60 peg looms, 1/2”.

    The 52 peg loom makes hats about 20-21″ in circumference working in double knit. The 60 peg one will make hats up to 23-24″ depending on the yarn and stitch pattern used, in double knit. If you have other size looms, you can attach them to the base of your loom with the loom connectors. Also, you can make single knit hats by using just the outer looms of both sizes. Does this answer you questions? If not, let me know how we can help further.

  4. It’s incredibly frustrating that there are only 4 patterns for the KB Afghan infinity loom. None are for beginners with no knitting background or experience. I’ve never knit before and the need for patterns using this loom via book, online or preferably a step by step video for very new beginners would be very much appreciated. Just one video instructional, pretty pretty please? (Begging) Can you recommend easy to learn patterns with instructions for this loom for beginners? I bought the loom, 12 rolls of yarn, but I’m at a loss. If I could easily learn just one project, I would take this loom with me everywhere and I’d probably wear it OUT! LOL. I’m a very visual person and the instructions that came with the loom were confusing for me, an extreme novice beginner. I’m anxious to start any project at all. Any recommendations would be very much appreciated. Thank you so much for reading this comment.

  5. Please, please, show some different ways to wrap a double knit loom so we can produce different stitches other than a rib and a stockinette. I know there is a basket weave and possibly more. I love my rotating loom and want to produce different stitches on it!!!!

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