Jun 8, 2015

Whimsical Loom Knits – June 2015

Lacy Luminaries

It seems like glass jars have become more and more popular.  No longer only lurking in the canning section, glass jars are showing up everywhere – from restaurant tables, to craft boutiques, to garden centers.  And a quick search on the internet can bring up hundreds of ideas for re-purposing them. Liberate a few jars that have been stashed away in your cupboards, or purchase a few and make these pretty little luminaries.




Knitting Loom:  KB Small 32 peg Loom

Yarn:  Knit Picks Comfy Worsted in Ivory and in Peony was used for the samples.

Notions:  Knitting tool, scissors, yarn needle, pint sized glass jar, tea light, 24” length of twine, any desired embellishments (buttons, flowers, charms, etc)

Finished Size:  3.5” in height by 10.5” in circumference

Gauge:  Not essential for this project.


K: Knit

K2tog: Knit two together

P: Purl

YO: yarn over

How to:

[K2, YO, K2tog] – Worked over 4 pegs: Knit the first two pegs.  Move the stitch from the third peg over to the fourth peg.  Wrap the third peg.  Knit both stitches on the fourth peg together as one.


Cast on 32 stitches using the double e-wrap cast on method.  Prepare to work in the round.

Rounds 1-4: K2, P2.

Rounds 5-6: Knit all stitches.

Round 7: [K2, YO, K2tog] 8 times.

Repeat rounds 5-7 five times.  Repeat rounds 5-6 once.  Repeat rounds 1-4 once.  Bind off using the basic bind off method.  Weave in all ends.

Add any desired embellishments to the knitted sleeve.  Slip the sleeve onto the glass jar.  Tie the length of twine around the rim of the jar.  Place the tea light inside the jar.

Light the tea candle using a long fireplace match, a lit wooden skewer, or even a lit spaghetti noodle.  Enjoy the ambience as the light flickers through the knitted lace.




  • Love these! So cute and perfect for a porch. Thank you, Jenny!

  • Hi, Jenny. Regarding this adorable project… I cannot find the KB 32 peg loom. I checked their store and looms, but it did not show up. Could you direct me to where I can find it, please. Other than some conversations and groups, I’ve mostly been away from looming for a while. So I am a little behind in information. Thank you, so much!

  • Hi Linda! I’m so glad you like this project. The cute little loom used in this project can be found in the Loom Knitting Basics kit:


    OR, in the Make Your Own Skarf kits:


    I hope you have fun with this project. Let me know if you have any questions.

  • Very darling, Jenny! Excellent idea and I really love your extra touches of embellishments. :)

  • Could you please tell me the gauge of the 32 peg small loom? Is it the same as the All In One Loom? They’re very cute & I would love to try making them!

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Jun 6, 2015

Double Soled Footies- a new technique

A great way to get lots of wear out of your favorite slippers

Where do your slippers wear out first? On the heel and bottom, I bet. Our new double knit slippers will have your cozy slippers lasting twice as long and looking great. It’s also a great way to add some fun colors to your knitting.

slippers_doublesole5Loom: All-n-One Loom set up to work in double knit with 1cm setting.

Yarn: Any worsted weight yarn for main color and bulky yarn for the double foot.

1 skein of each. Sample used Wool of the Andes Wool in worsted and bulky.

Stitches: Stockinette and Figure 8

Notions Needed: Knit Hook, crochet hook, large sewing needle

Size: Small size 6-8 shoe or (Large) size 9-11 shoe

Slipper is worked from toe up to heel.


Cast On 22 (28) double stitches in Stockinette weave with main yarn. Make sure you have at least 3 empty pegs at each end of stitches. Lay anchor yarn of matching yarn, and leave in for shaping the toe.

Work (2) rows.

Row 3: Increase row.

Increase (1) stitch at 3rd peg at both ends of loom. To do this, move the stitches on peg 1 and 2 over to left empty pegs. Do this to each rail at both ends. You now have an empty peg at peg 3 on both rails. Work the increase from peg 4 to empty pegs.

Work row 4 in stockinette stitch. You now have 24 (30) stitches.

Work additional 4 (8) rows in stockinette stitch.

Adding the bulky yarn:

The bulky section will be worked on the center 12 (16) pegs. Go to center of knitting and count back 6 (8) pegs for starting point for bulky yarn. Place a slip knot on the peg at starting point peg with bulky yarn.

*Work the row:

Wrap the center 12 (16) pegs front to back with Figure 8 stitch with the chunky yarn. Return to beginning with another wrap of chunky yarn. Secure the chunky yarn to prevent it from coming off the pegs.

Now, wrap the main yarn in complete circular on all pegs in Stockinette stitch.

Work the row by hooking over the 2 loops of chunky yarn, one strand at a time. Then, hook over the main yarn to complete the row.

Repeat this entire * process with both yarns for a total of 22 rows.

Tie and knot the chunky yarn. Cut with 3” tail and tuck into knitting.

Continue working with main yarn in Stockinette stitch for additional 4 (8) rows on all pegs. This is the heel of the slipper.


Fold slipper so that the anchor yarn remains at one end. Use invisible stitch to sew the heel of the slipper with main yarn. Knot well and cut leaving 2” tail. Work the yarn tail into the knitting with crochet hook.

Sew the top of slipper to approximately half way leaving a comfortable opening for the foot to enter. Gather the anchor yarn carefully to form the toe and tie and knot. Trim yarn tails and pull into inside of slipper.

If desired, you can make a nice crochet ruffle edge with chunky yarn and crochet hook at top of slipper.

Repeat all instructions for 2nd slipper. Enjoy the great cushioning of the double footie. You may also add a few drops of liquid rubber for non-skid slippers.


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  • I found it helpful to add three washers to each side of my 1cm spacers to give my bulky yarn room to fit between the two sides. I also had to remind myself not to wrap too tightly!

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