Apr 12, 2019

Water Lily Lace Scarf

Designed by Jenny Stark

Visualize a pond filled with gorgeous, purple water lilies. Consider how the roots are firmly planted down in the mud at the bottom of the pond where they find stability and nourishment. Sense the cool waters, cleansing and sustaining the plant. Finally, reflect on the pristine beauty of the blossom that floats above everything – a symbol of purity, renewal, and grace. May the lovely colors of these yarns and the beauty of this lace pattern bring the same calming, lifting feelings to your mind as you create it and then wear it or share it.

LOOM: KB Sock Loom 2

YARN: 2 skeins Red Heart Soft in Guacamole and 1 skein Red Heart Soft in Watercolors. Yarn weight = medium/4. 100% acrylic.

NOTIONS:  Knitting Tool, Scissors, Tapestry Needle, Tape Measure, Cable Needle

SIZE: Fits adults

SKILL LEVEL:  Intermediate



Using the Guacamole color, working from left to right, cast on 36 stitches.

Rows 1, 3 & 5:  Knit all stitches.

Rows 2, 4 & 6:  Purl all stitches.

Row 7:  *Knit peg.  Wrap same peg 3 times.  Repeat from * to end of row.


Row 8: Peg 1- begin purl in bottom stitch on peg.

Drop top 3 wraps from peg.  Finish purl stitch.

*Next 6 pegs – drop the top 3 wraps from each peg.  Each peg will have a stitch on it and a long loop behind it.

Carefully place the stitches from pegs 6, 5, and 4 on the cable needle.

Drop the cable needle to the center of the loom temporarily.  Move the stitch from peg 3 to peg 6, the stitch from peg 2 to peg 5, and the stitch from peg 1 to peg 4.

From the cable needle – move stitch 4 to peg 1, stitch 5 to peg 2, and stitch 6 to peg 3.

Purl pegs 1-6.  Rep from * until the last peg.  Last peg – begin purl in bottom stitch on peg.  Drop top 3 wraps from peg.  Finish purl stitch.

Using the Watercolors color, repeat rows 1-8.

Alternate colors and repeat rows 1-8 until panel reaches desired length.  End with the Guacamole yarn.  Continuing with the Guacamole color, repeat rows 1-6 once more.

Remove the panel from the loom using the basic bind off method.  Weave in all yarn ends.  Lightly steam the scarf to relax the lace sections.



  • Such a lovely design, Jenny! It reminds me of a Monet painting.

  • Looks like this will be a very complicated pattern. I will Try it (I THINK) when I get brave enough. I’m basically a newbe knitter and not that good at it.. It really is a beautiful scarf.

  • Thank you Brenda! The colors remind me of a Monet painting as well. Thanks for commenting. I hope you have a great day!

  • Hi there Valerie! Welcome to loom knitting. I know you will find so much enjoyment from this craft – and a bunch of new friends to boot 🙂

    One of the best things about this scarf is that it looks so complicated, but it really isn’t. It is mostly knits and purls, with a little shuffling magic on one row. I do have a video that shows how to work row 7 here:


    and row 8 here:


    I hope that helps. Have a great day!

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Apr 12, 2019

Farmer’s Market Bag

Designed by Ace Beorchia

With farmer’s market season right around the corner, now is the perfect time to make a Farmer’s Market Bag! The stitches in this pattern create a very stretchy material perfect for small and larger items alike. This is a quick knit, and you’ll be showing off your farmer’s market goodies in no time!

Tag @ace_knits on Instagram to get your Farmer’s Market Bag featured!

LOOM: KB ‘Premium’ Chunky Round Loom Set, orange loom, 48 pegs

YARN: 51 grams (approx. 83 meters) of any 100% cotton yarn; Lily’s Sugar’n Cream in “Autumn Leaves Ombre” used in sample

NOTIONS: knitting tool, tapestry needle

LEVEL: Beginner/Early Intermediate



Approx – Approximately

k – knit stitch (May substitute with u-stitch)

st(s) – stitch(es)

rnd(s) – round(s)

tk – triple knit (see instructions below)


‘Triple Knit’ Stitch Instructions 

The triple knit stitch creates a lengthened stitch using one peg. To work the triple knit stitch, start by knitting the peg normally. However, rather than continuing to the next peg in the round, bring the yarn back in front of the same peg in the opposite direction (as if you were going to turn and go the opposite direction). Knit the peg again—creating the second knit on the same peg. Finally, on the same peg, turn the yarn in front of the peg in the opposite direction one last time. (The yarn should be in the same position as when you originally started the stitch.) Knit the peg one last time.

In simpler terms, knit the same stitch three times in a row—keeping the yarn in front of the peg on each knit.



Skipping every other peg, cast on 24 sts and begin to work in the round. Throughout most of the pattern, only work on the live pegs (the 24 pegs from the cast on).

Rnd 1: k across entire row (24 sts)

Rnds 2-22: tk across entire row (24 sts)


Short-row Increases

Next, you will create short rows on the two sides of the bag where the handle will attach. To create the short rows, number your active pegs (1-24) and do the following:

Row 1: tk pegs 1 to 6; turn

Row 2: tk pegs 5 to 1; turn

Row 3: tk pegs 2 to 5; turn

Row 4: tk pegs 4 to 2; turn

Row 5: tk pegs 3 to 18; turn

Row 6: tk pegs 17 to 13; turn

Row 7: tk pegs 14 to 17; turn

Row 8: tk pegs 16 to 14; turn

Row 9: tk pegs 15 to 24; turn


Top of Bag

Now that the short rows are complete, use the following instructions to complete the top of the bag:

Rnd 1: k across (24 sts)

Rnd 2: e-wrap all 48 pegs. k previous 24 sts. Each peg should now have one wrap of yarn.

Rnd 3: k across entire row of 48 sts

Rnd 4: k across entire row of 48 sts

Bind off very loosely using the basic bind off method.



Cast on 8 sts.

Row 1: k across; turn

Repeat row 1 until strap is desired length. (Sample strap is 20 inches.)

Bind off using the basic bind off method.

The edges of the strap will naturally curve in, giving the straps an i-cord appearance.



To finish the bag, first tighten the cast on row (see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3yUxTMi2Fv0 for an example).

Next, similar to finishing a hat, weave the loose end from the cast on through the 24 cast on stitches. Pull tightly to cinch closed the bottom of the bag.

Finally, using the mattress stitch, sew the handle to the bag at the top of the short row edges on both sides of the bag.

Weave in all ends.



Place something flat in the bottom of your bag to give it some width and structure.

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  • two things
    what kind of cast on do you use?
    is this for single or double strands? using a single strand of 100% cotton yarn, it has broke on me 2 different times within a few rows of my cast on. thanks

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