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Feb 21, 2018

Soft Tweed Poncho

The Soft Tweed Poncho is a great layering piece for the upcoming spring weather, or wear it during the winter months and stay extra warm.

LOOM:  28″ Loom with peg extenders

YARN:  Approx 1350 yards of aran weight merino blend yarn. Knit Picks City Tweed Aran/HW Obsidian,  8 skeins (1312 yards) was used in sample.

NOTIONS:  tapestry needle, row counter (optional).

GAUGE:  12 sts x 20 rows=2 inches in stockinette

SIZE:  25” long  x 26” wide. Fits like a size Medium.






Multiple of 4+3

Row 1: k3, p1; rep from * to last 3 sts, k3

Row 2: k to end.

(Make 2)

Cast on 131 sts, prepare to work a flat panel

Row 1, 3, 5, 7: k to end of row.

Row 2, 4, 6, 8: p to end of row.

Row 9: k4, *k3, p1; rep from * to last 7 sts, k to end.

Row 10: p4, k to last 4sts, p4.

Rep Row 9 and Row 10 until item measures 25 inches from cast on edge. (216 rows)

Bind off with basic bind off method. Weave all ends in.


Using the mattress stitch, seam 6 inches at the shoulders, leaving a 12-inch opening for neck cowl. At the sides, position 3 buttons at each side and sew them in place through both front and back.


Cast on 136, join to work in the round.

Rnd 1, 3, 5, 7, 9: k to end.

Rnd 2, 4, 6, 8, 10: p to end.

Rnd 11-20: k to end.

Rep last 20 rounds until item measures 10 inches from cast on edge. (Approx 90 rows)

Rep Rnds 1-10.

Bind off with basic bind off.

Assembly of neckline

Using the mattress stitch, seam the cowl to the neckline opening.




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Feb 11, 2018

‘Stripes’ Hat

Lots of stripes, all ways – vertical and horizontal!  This is a fun hat for any level of knitter.  Choose your favorite color combination, and let the stripes begin!

Loom: ‘Rotating’ Double Knit Loom

Yarn:  Two different yarns used in sample, both #5 Chunky. Premier Serenity Chunky, Smoke Heather, 1 skein. Red Heart Soft Essentials, Greyhound, 1 skein.  Both yarns are 100% Acrylic and machine washable.

Stitches:  Stockinette and Figure 8

Notions:  Knit Hook, Crochet Hook, Darning Needle

Size:  Adult, 10” deep

Gauge:  5 rounds=1 inch

Abbreviations:  Rnd (s)=Round(s),  Aprox=approximately   Lt gray yarn=yarn 1  dark gray heather=yarn 2

Vertical stripes:  These rnds are worked with both yarns, always covering the same pegs with each yarn.  To cast on the loom, create a separate slip knot with each yarn.  Place first yarn slip knot on beginning peg. Wrap around loom with first color. Then with second round, attach the second color on first peg on inner loom (opposite the loop knot with first color). Wrap around loom, covering pegs skipped in first round.

Each round will end with one yarn coming from the outer loom, and one yarn coming from the inner loom. Repeat process covering all pegs with 2nd loop (see photo). Then hook over the bottom loop over top loop.












Cast On 52 stitches in Stockinette with both yarns to create the vertical stripes.  Lay anchor yarn.

Rnds 1- 8:  Work in Stockinette with both yarns in vertical stripes.

Rnds 9-11:  Lay yarn 2 aside and work with yarn 1 in Stockinette. (3 rnds)

Rnds 12-14:  Lay yarn 1 aside and work with yarn 2 in Stockinette.  (3 rnds)

Double Vertical Stripes:  Rnds 15-19 (5 rnds) will be in Figure 8 stitch.  Lay yarn 2 aside and work full rnd with yarn 1, on every other 2 stitches.  Wrap front to back of same stitch working 2 stitches, skip 2 pegs, and work next 2 pegs. Wrap each stitch in direction like the number 8. Keep this process going until you have a full rnd and are back to beginning.  Lay yarn 1 aside and work the round covering the skipped stitches, front to back, in Figure 8 with yarn 2.







Rnds 20-22:  Cut yarn 1 and tie off with yarn 2.  Work 3 rnds in Stockinette with yarn 2.

Rnds 23-25:  Place a new loop knot of yarn 1 on beginning peg and work in Stockinette for 3 rnds.

Next 12 rnds:  With both yarns attached and on beginning pegs, repeat the vertical stripes as in the first 8 rnds.

Rnd 38:  Lay yarn 2 aside and work one rnd with yarn 1 in Stockinette.  Cut yarn 1 with 2-3” tail.

Rnd 39-44:  Knot yarn 2 with yarn 1 tail.  Work in stockinette with yarn 2 for 6 rnds.

Hat should measure 9.5”-10” high and you are ready to bind off, and close up the hat crown.

Bind Off:  Cut yarn 2 with aprox 20” yarn tail.  Gently pull stitches snug on pegs.  Move the loops from inner loom to same stitch on outer loom, so that the inner loom is empty.  Hook over each stitch, so that you have just one loop on each peg on outer loom.

Place the yarn tail on large darning needle.  You will be transferring the loops onto the yarn for the gather bind off.

Moving from R to L, insert the needle thru the loop from underneath and allow it to slide onto the yarn.  Remove it from the loom.  Pick up next loop and allow it to slide onto the yarn and remove it from the loom.  Continue around the loom lifting each loop and transferring it to the yarn, until all loops are on the yarn.  The hat is now free of the loom and it can be lifted up and off the loom.

Finishing:  Leave the yarn on the darning needle.  Gently, gather the top edge of the hat by pulling the yarn and drawing the top of hat together.  Once the opening is small, you can take the yarn to inside of hat and use the darning needle to sew the hat closed.  Knot securely.  Leave the yarn tail attached to use to sew on the pompom.

Work a single crochet bind off of cast on stitches using the crochet hook.  Be sure to work towards the yarn tail, so that you end the bind off at the yarn tail. Once you have worked all the stitches on the anchor yarn, there will be only the one loop on the crochet hook. Pull the yarn tail thru the last loop to knot.  Gently remove the anchor yarn.

Weave in all yarn tails that may remain, or pull to inside of hat and trim.  This is best done with the crochet hook.

Pompom:  You will make a crochet chain of each color yarn that is aprox 40” long with the crochet hook. Start with a loop knot, pulled so that it is about the size of a pencil. Insert the crochet hook into the loop, grab the yarn and pull it thru the loop so that you have a new loop.  Grab the yarn again, and keep going in this manner to create the chain.  Once you have aprox 40” of crochet chain, knot the last loop.  Trim ends to about ½”.  Repeat the process with the other yarn.


Once you have both yarn chains complete, roll them together as if making a Christmas bow.  Tie in center and knot.  If you would rather, you can make a traditional pompom or tassels.  Just have fun with the adornment!

Sew securely to top of hat using the yarn tail and darning needle.  Cut end of yarn after sewing is complete and weave in yarn tail into the knit, or pull to inside of hat.



  • I love everything about this hat, the color, stripes, the top…so good! Great post!

  • Is there a stitchology for February?

  • Is there a stitcholgy for February?

  • Stitchology has been canceled. Our lovely designer has other wonderful opportunities that she is pursuing.

  • Stitchology has been canceled. Our lovely designer has other wonderful opportunities that she is pursuing.

  • Sorry to hear stitcholgy has been discontinued

  • Can this hat be made with #4 weight yarn?

  • Hi Jean,
    The hat could be done in #4 yarn but the result would be thinner and the change of color may show a bit between the stripes. Also, the hat will be a little smaller but will fit head circumference of about 20-21″. The sample hat fits looser or up to head circumference of 23″.

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Feb 11, 2018

Thrummed Mittens

Designed by Bethany A Dailey

This is the perfect season for warm, cozy mittens!  This version uses a technique called thrumming, which adds sections unspun fiber into the fabric of a knitted piece to add a layer of toasty warm softness to the inside of the garment.  When viewed from the outside, the thrums give the look of little hearts…perfect for February knitting! 

LOOM: Sock Loom 2

YARN: approx. 108 yards bulky yarn. Sample used Bernat Softee Chunky, 108 yrds, 100% acrylic, in Natural.  Also used: approx 1.25 oz of unspun fiber.  Sample used Spinner’s Candy, 100% Falkland Wool, in Birth of Venus colorway.

NOTIONS: loom tool, yarn needle, crochet hook, scissors, row counter.

GAUGE: 6.5 sts x 14 rows = 2 inches in stockinette.

SIZE: junior/ adult.



k=knit stitch

CO=cast on

BO=bind off

KO=knit off

WY=working yarn




One strand held throughout.

All knit stitches are the true knit stitch, or U-stitch.

To Create and Place a Thrum:

Use lengths of fiber cut or pulled to 6″.  The lengths should be about the same thickness once folded into thirds, as the thickness of the project yarn.  Fold the length into approximately thirds, or a little bit less, and twist to form the thrum.  This is then used on the peg that calls for a thrum, along with the working yarn. (Wrap the thrum around the peg above the base loop and hold the ends between your fingers to the inside of the loom. At the same time, lay the WY in front of the peg and above the thrum. Lift the base loop up and over both the thrum and the WY. The thrum and WY are knit off 2 loops over 1 in the following row.)

This pattern calls for 96 thrums per mitten, 192 total.  Feel free to make them up ahead of time, or as you work each thrum.

For visual instructions on how to create thrums and begin using them in your mittens, see the following tutorial:

(Click on the charts to view larger)

Thrummed Mittens Chart

Simple Thrum Chart


Set loom so that both end pieces are able to slide inward.  CO to 32 pegs to work in the round.

Rounds 1-12:  *k2, p2, repeat from * to end of round.

Round 13 & 14:  k all pegs.

Rounds 15-24: Work Rounds 1-10 of the Thrummed Mittens Chart. (*see Pattern Notes for working thrums)

Thumb: Using only pegs 1-6, knit a flat panel for 30 rows.  The WY will be back at peg 1 at the end of the 30 rows.

Round 25 & 26: Work Rounds 11-12 of the Thrummed Mittens Chart.

Rounds 27-50: Repeat Rounds 1-12 of the Thrummed Mittens Chart two more times.

Rounds 51-58:  Repeat the following 2 row pattern:

a. Knit all sts of the round, but decrease every 4th peg.  Do this by knitting 4 sts, then move the 4th loop to the 3rd peg. Knit the 2 loops over 1 in the following round.  Slide both end pieces inward and shift the sts around the loom so that there are no empty pegs. Mark the original first stitch and keep this as the first stitch, even though it may move to a different peg.

b.  Knit all remaining sts.

Gather BO the remaining 12 sts.  Pull yarn tail with needle to the inside of the mitten, give one more careful pull to tighten all stitches, and knot securely in place.


Using a 15″ length of yarn, neatly stitch sides of thumb closed.

Weave in all ends and trim close to work.  Thrums can be adjusted with a yarn needle or loom tool to make both “legs” even.

Block lightly.

Repeat all steps for second mitten.

Have questions or comments for Bethany?  Feel free to leave a comment below! 🙂 


  • Hi Bethany , Thanks for video. Do you think you could do a video on the new his and hers KB sock loom? By the way a big shout out to Pat at KB looms for the great help. Love KB Looms and all looming products keep up the good work.

  • Hi Carolyn 🙂 So glad you have enjoyed the video and all the KB Looms. I’m not sure about future plans to film for the His and Hers Sock looms specifically, but I can point you to some past tutorials on making socks that were created by KB on the original wooden sock loom. All the same procedures should apply directly to these new looms:

    Hope that helps!

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Feb 4, 2018

Woven Ladder Scarf

By Ace Beorchia

LOOM: Zippy Loom (2) and Regular Connector (1)


2 skeins super-bulky yarn-(appx. 160 g). [Sample used Pattons Cobbles in Winter White.]

1 skein jumbo yarn (appx. 60 g). [Sample used Premier Yarns Couture Jazz in Denim.]


SIZE: 5″ W x  desired length. (Sample is 96″ long.)

Expand your loom-knitting toolkit with this Woven Ladder Scarf. Learn a new and simple technique that will give your projects a distinct look with minimal effort. You’ll be sure to turn some heads with this crafty accessory.


K= knit  sts=stitches



Set up a loom with 2 Zippy Looms.

Cast on 8 sts; prepare to work a flat panel.

Row 1: K2, skip 1 peg, K2, skip 1 peg, K2

(The skipped pegs will create small spaces where the “woven ladder” strands will be weaved at the end of the project.)

Rep Row 1 until item measures desired length from cast on row.

Bind off with basic bind off method.

Tighten final row and weave in loose ends. Lay flat and block.


Woven Ladder

Loosely weave one strand of jumbo yarn (approximately 12” longer than your finished scarf) in the first “skipped peg” spaces of each row. Weave the strand through every two rows to achieve the “woven ladder” effect. Leave 6” of the strand on each end of the finished scarf.


Using the same yarn as the woven strands, attach five 6″ tassels evenly across both ends of the scarf.

(Hint: Insert the end of the two woven strands through the nearest tassel to secure the strands of the scarf.)

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