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Jun 12, 2015

Introducing… Zippy Loom!

Knit a scarf in 15 minutes! Zippy Loom makes knitting super fast and easy! Knit with giant pegs and super bulky yarn to create SUPER quick projects. zippy_knitting2sm Works great with ruffle and boucle yarn too!


Each Zippy comes with a connector to attach to more Zippys.¬†With one Zippy you can create approx. 3″ width of knitting. For wider scarves, 2 Zippys work great. For shawls, 3 Zippys are recommended.zippybrightbluesm

Zippy Kit:

  • 1 Zippy (5.25″ x 3″)
  • 1 connector
  • step by step instructions
  • knitting tool

{The Zippy pegs are .75″ diameter, with 1.5″ peg spacing center to center. Peg height is 2.5″}


coverimage_zippyMake scarves, cowls, necklaces, headbands and simple 3 minute bracelets!!

Zippy Project Book 26 pages, includes complete step by step instructions and 8 projects. Super easy – no knitting experience needed.



blackscaf_zippycrop LH9A0388crop













  • I purchased 3 of the Zippy looms and I love them!

  • I Ordered 2 zippy looms today. What’s the best yarn to use?

  • How would you make a ruffle scarf using either Red Heart Sashay or Starbella yarn? All loom directions I’ve seen prevously use a rectangle loom so you can move the loop from the front to the back peg.

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Aug 25, 2012

Using Loom Extenders

Would you like to weave rugs, placemats, bags, and more? Just add the loom extenders to your Knitting Board or All-n-One Loom and turn it into a weaving loom. Check out the video that explains the process….


  • I’ve never seen that technique before for making the edges. That is really clever.

  • The pattern in the booklet that came with the loom extenders is checkered in some areas; I’m really confused on how to do that. Whenever I try, it just ends up being a solid color instead of alternating like a checkerboard. Any tips?

  • Hi Kalie, are you using different color yarns? The base yarn should be different from the one that you are weaving with. You can even use several different weaving yarns. Just drop the one you don’t want to show and continue with the color of choice. Then you can use both for a few rows and get all kinds of different looks.

  • Yeah I am using different colors; I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Any chance of another video coming out?

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