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Sep 23, 2017

Ribbing Stitch for Double Knit Loom

Knitting double knit in the round on the Double Knit Loom requires the regular double knit stitches to be reinvented to work with the circular shape. There has been some confusion concerning the wrap starting on the beginning peg, or not. Originally the Rib Stitch on the DKL was worked NOT starting on first peg, after the cast on. But this made row counting difficult, and didn’t make sense for many knitters.

We have revised the RIBBING STITCH in the round to work by coming back around to the beginning peg. This STITCH NOW STARTS ON BEGINNING PEG FOR EACH AND EVERY ROUND.  We are using the peg marked with the arrow on outer loom as the beginning peg.


1. Wrap from beginning peg (peg 1) to peg 3 on inner loom.

2 Continue wrapping ‘every other peg’ until you wrap the peg across from the starting peg (starting peg marked with stitch marker). Skip the 2 pegs (marked with red arrows), wrap peg adjacent to the starting peg, then go to inner loom and wrap the consecutive peg. This will change your angle.



3. Then continue wrapping ‘every other’ peg.  You will be working in same direction, but at opposite angle.

4. When you end the round, the wrapping should look like photo below.

5. At this point, lay an anchor yarn around the stitches, between the looms, with yarn tails dangling below the looms.

6. Then repeat the process again starting with wrap around the starting peg on outer loom.  Once you have two rounds complete, hook over all pegs starting with outer loom.  Continue working as many rib rounds as desired or as pattern dictates, always starting on beginning peg.


  • I bought your sock loom the one that you can adjust by skidding the one piece it is plastic. I was watching a video on knitting a sock and the tool that was suppose to come with this loom is not the one I got with my loom. The other one looks like it is a lot Easter to use. Where can I buy one like that. It had an extra little hook on the end. Thank You.

  • Please contact us at and send us a picture of the knitting tool you receive and we can confirm whether you received the correct knitting tool. We only have two knitting tools–one with a wooden handle and one with an orange handle; both have only one little hook.

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Aug 28, 2017

Double Knit ‘in the round’ Instructions

We have received many requests for how-to instructions and videos for the ‘rotating’ Double Knit Loom. Videos are in the works… stay tuned for those.

There are detailed instructions that come with the loom, but we will provide here as well. In this venue, we have the ability to make photos bigger, which can be really helpful. Also if you have questions about the process or the loom, you can ask in comments and get an answer quickly.
The process of knitting double knit ‘in the round’ is a bit different from double knitting on a straight loom or knitting board.  Actually the movement/ process is much easier…. no turning the loom to other side. You simply knit continuous in one direction around the loom. Simply rotate the loom as you weave, and hook over stitches; your knitting location stays in one spot.
In double knitting, you are using 2 pegs as one stitch, one peg on the outer loom,  and the peg directly across on the inner loom (stockinette).  After lots of testing, we found 52 stitches to be the ideal amount of stitches for an adult size hat.

Cast On (in the round)

 IMPORTANT:  First thing, make sure the arrows on the inner loom and the outer loom line up. They are there so the peg spacing is in correct position.

1. To begin, start with a loop knot and put on the first peg on outer loom.  You can mark this peg with a stitch marker, or use the outer arrow.  Wrap the next peg on inner loom, to the R of arrow on inner loom. Wrap ‘every other’ peg, alternating from outer to inner loom.

Keep going around the loom with same weaving, like above. When you reach the starting peg, wrap the adjacent peg (to left of starting peg) on the outer loom. Two pegs will be wrapped consecutively.

2. Then continue around the loom again in the same, ‘every other’ wrapping pattern. (Working the 2 consecutive pegs adjusts your weaving, so that now, you will wrap pegs skipped in the first time around loom).

Make sure, after working around loom (2 times), all pegs have one wrap. As you work, allow the loom to turn-no need to move the loom. 

3. Now cut a piece of yarn approx. 35 inches long. Lay across stitches and around the loom between the inner and outer loom pegs (blue yarn) .

4. Repeat steps 1 and 2.  Wrap around the loom two times again, putting a second wrap on all pegs. Now, all pegs will have 2 wraps.

5. Hook over the bottom loop over the top loop on all pegs. Do this on both sides of the loom (front of the outer loom and back of the inner loom). Push sts down from top of loom after the row is hooked over.

Hook over loops on the front of outer loom

Hook over loops on inside of inner loom

 Now the stitches are cast on. From the cast on row, continue in any stitch pattern. Stitches may seem to be loose for first few rows, but they will even up after you get further along in the knitting.

Stockinette Stitch

This stitch is worked with the same process as Stockinette Cast On. It creates a smooth even knit pattern.

Weave front to back, wrap the outer loom peg and then wrap the inner loom peg in same pattern as with stockinette cast on, skipping “every other’ peg. Wrap 2 times around the loom.

Then with knit hook, take bottom loop over the top loop on each peg. Simple repeat the above to create knit as long as desired.

Ribbing Stitch 

This is a great stitch for hat brims, cowls or scarves. This stitch is similar to the stockinette, except it’s done at an angle. Work with even number of stitches.

Start from the starting peg on outer loom and wrap to the 3rd peg to R on the inner loom. Wrap that peg, and then back to the outer loom, keeping the ‘every other’ peg pattern. Wrap this peg.  This creates the angle for the ribbing stitch.

Continue around the loom, maintaining the angle with ‘every other’ peg, until you get to peg opposite the starting peg. Wrap this peg, the  peg on outer loom to left of starting peg (black arrow).  This creates 2 pegs wrapped consecutively on the outer loom. Do not wrap the starting peg.

Now change angle and wrap the empty peg (black arrow) directly across on the inner loom.

This is the return angle for the ribbing stitch and note, it is at an opposite angle from the first round.  This change of direction is what creates the ribbing. Continue around loom, until all pegs have one loop.  You will end with peg to L of starting peg on inner loom. This is how it should look…

Hook over all pegs from outer loom, and then on inner loom. Push stitches down and continue steps for ribbing rows.

Gather Bind Off  (for Hats)

Move the stitches from inner loom to the outer loom. Then with 2 loops on each peg on the outer loom, hook over the bottom loop over the top loop.

Moving stitches from inner loom to outer loom

Bottom loop over top loop (outer loom)

Cut the working yarn coming from the hat, leaving 16-20” tail for the gathering process. Take a darning needle and thread yarn tail. Use the yarn tail to hold the stitches. Remove the stitches from the first 2 pegs, then skip next 2 pegs, remove the stitches from the next two pegs and place on yarn tail.

Continue process of skipping 2 pegs and picking up 2 stitches until you reach the end of the round.  Next, go around the loom again removing the remaining stitches. Cinch the top closed.  Weave ends in.




  • I ordered this but received double knit instead lol

  • Hi Anne, We have your note and so sorry for sending the wrong product. We will have the Premium Round Looms off to you tomorrow along with a prepaid label to return the rotating loom. Thanks for your patience.

  • I wish the pictures showed the arrows so I could determine if the yarn is in the right place after the end of the round. My yarn end never is back by the arrw.

  • Love the way this operates but I rarely double knit. It’s a whole new challenge for me. When I finished my stockinette cast on, I started my row one stitch to the left of the arrow on the loom. Not what I planned. I knit a few rows of stockinette to get the feel of the loom. I found that at the end of each row, I was ending up one more stitch over to the left. Clearly, I’m placing my working yarn in the wrong spot. Can anyone help?

  • Hi Melissa, What you are doing is OK and the starting peg will continue to move to the left. What we have found is if you move the yarn over to the same starting peg with each row, it will be a more even knit. It looks like you are skipping a peg when you start a row, but it will come out good and not leave any holes. Just be sure all pegs get wrapped as you return to starting point.

  • Thanks so much Pat.

  • Could you please tell us when we will be able to see videos on how to use this loom? I think I have it figured out but it would be nice to see someone doing it to be sure it is all right.

  • What size hats the this loom make. Does it make baby hats?

  • It makes adult size hats.

  • Videos will be available by the end of September, beginning of October.

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Aug 25, 2017

NEW ‘Rotating’ Double Knit Loom


Introducing the new ‘ROTATING’ Double Knit Loom!  This loom features the new ‘patent pending’ rotating base.   You no longer have to change positions as you knit, the loom rotates as you work!

Loom sits comfortably on your lap, or on a table. It’s compact and lightweight …so easy to use.

Knit in the round, or knit flat panels. Use some of the pegs, or all 52 of them, depending on width of knit desired.



The loom comes in parts for easy assembly: (6) legs, (1) inner loom, (1) outer loom, (1) rotating base, instruction booklet and knit hook.

It’s super fast to set up with snap-in-place parts.  Set it up with inner and outer loom, and 6 legs for double knitting. Or set it up with outer loom only, using 3 legs, for single knitting.

It’s so easy! Made of high quality durable plastic.  The booklet will show you how to quickly and easily configure the loom for your project.


This loom is great for Hats, Scarves, Cowls and Shawls…. whatever, and however, you choose to create; this loom can make creating your project FUN and EASY!  Recommend yarn #4 or #5 for double knitting, and #2, #3, or #4, for single knitting.

The Double Knit Loom includes very detailed instructions with lots of how-to photos, introducing the double knit ‘in the round’ process. Get started with these easy fun projects.   More patterns/projects coming soon!  Click on photo for pattern.






For faster knitting also check out the Loom Double Hooks, knits two pegs at the same time.


  • AWESOME!!!!! Where and when they be in retail stores

  • Hi Caroline,
    That just depends on the retail chain….how many of their stores that they schedule for the product and the timing of the purchase. I would just check with your local stores in September and maybe they can answer this for you.

  • I love it i’m from Portugal. When is ready to sale?

  • Hi Anabela,
    We can ship now when your order is received.
    Thanks, Pat

  • I have the new round and sock looms. Just I ordered the rotating loom and the double hooks and I can’t wait to get them.

  • I ordered last night before the coupon came out. That will teach me to jump the gun! LOL

  • I’m so anxious! I love all the looms, I have and used all of them to date. I can hardly wait.

  • What’s the widest selection n the hats it can make?

  • would love to buy one of these but where can I find them.

  • This looks interesting. Are there any video tutorials available?

  • When and where can I buy it?

  • can a video be made showing how this loom works. I have not done double knit and am not quite getting it if I need this loom

  • Are you able to knit a double knit scarf with this

  • Yes you can knit a double knit scarf up to approximately 16″ wide.

  • We are working on a series of videos, expecting to be up in September. We will announce as date gets closer.

  • Not yet, planning in September.

  • It is awesome for adult double knit hats, and single knit child to youth size depending on stitch. For flat panels in both single and double knit approximately 16″ wide.

  • Thank you!!

  • Thank you for your support of KB!!

  • I just purchased one the other day I can’t wait to get this loon and the new picks. I knit hats and scarves for homeless vets and this will help me get more done quicker Thanks for making this new loom and picks

  • I’m not seeing a price on this one. I purchased the premium round looms and the his & her sock looms which I saw prices but for some reason, not on this one. Looks very interesting!!

  • $29.99. Today Monday is the last day of the coupon code: “Doubleknit”

  • The loom sounds wonderful, but I am concerned with the fact that there are only 6 or was it 8 patterns to use with this loom. Will I be able to use any of my hat and scarf patterns on it? Particularly concerned with doing youth hats. I have a 10 year old and a 35 year old that I want to make hats for.

  • Hi Deborah,
    You can use all your scarf patterns up to 52 stitches on the loom in single knit or double.
    The hat knitting is same as working on a round loom. The youth hats are just a matter of what is the head measurement, and how deep do you want to make it. Also, I would experiment with different yarns. You may want to make them in the single knit.

  • What is the advantage of a double Loom vs. just one Loom? What can you make with the double?

  • Hi Ann, You use a double set of pegs to work in double knit. Before, all double knit was done in a flat panel and then sewn together. This loom allows you to create a double knit hat in circular and therefore, no seam. If you are not familiar with double knit, you may enjoy the videos on the website to see what can be done and some advantages of working in double knit as well as single knit.

  • Where I can find those looms thank you

  • Hi Olga, All available looms can be purchased on website Some hobby and craft stores will be carrying some looms, but you need to check with your local stores for availability.

  • Using the afghan loom and a figure eight stitch, how much yarn is needed to make an lapghan? What are the measurements of an average size lapghan?

  • When you do the tutorials will you please make one showing the various ways to work color changes. I have no problem with single knit but, I am having issues with the double knit. I have the new double knit round loom (which I love ??). I have watched the available videos, they aren’t quite enough. Showing how to carry yarn, start new rounds, attaching new yarn, would greatly help! I am not newbie, and as such, I know that these videos would be of immense value to new loom knitters! Also, would some one make a video showing how to create your own cable patterns. Cables are easy to learn with practice, but a mystery on how to combine different types. Hope that makes sense. Thanks!

  • We will keep this in mind for the next tutorials. Thank you.

  • If the fabric goes down the legs to the base, how do you do any length, without piling it up there? Thanks!

  • Hi Linda, If you are doing a hat, you can just roll it up until the hat is done. If its a flat panel, just allow the length to come out between the legs and there will be no limit as to how long the piece becomes.

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Aug 18, 2017

NEW…’His and Her’ Sock Loom Set


“OH look, honey, we can have matching socks”….

Brand new to the sock loom collection!  His & Her Sock Looms are here!

Now available, stationary fine gauge sock looms, with plastic pegs. The pegs are engineered specifically for ease of use, lifting yarn over pegs, and ‘staying put’ in the loom.

There are 2 looms in the set, the purple loom creates a large adult size sock, 64 pegs (HIS) and the orange loom creates an average adult size sock, 56 pegs (HERS).  In sizing, we refer to the width of the sock, or size of the leg opening. The length of the sock, and foot can be knit as long as desired.

No more counting pegs. Easy and superb for beginners!


The sock loom set includes full ‘step by step’ instructions for knitting socks in both sizes, adult and adult- large. DK weight sock yarn is recommended for best results.  Worsted #4 sock yarn can be used for a tighter knit, thicker sock.

Check out our new basic sock patterns!  Bethany Dailey’s  Keepin’ It Simple Socks, is great for men or for anyone with a larger width- knit with the purple loom.

For average adult size (width), use the orange loom, and knit the new Comfy Footies! designed by Isela Phelps.

For quick reference, check out the Heel & Toe video. Work your sock while following along with the video.

…We hope you enjoy! Happy Knitting!




  • Congrats on the new products. It says fine gauge, but doesn’t mention an actual number so what’s the p2p gauge on these sock looms?

  • These beautiful new sock looms are listed as Fine Gauge. Does that mean the measurement is 5/16″?

  • Love the idea of the looms themselves. Hate the (hetero)sexist stereotype your marketing is feeding. Human beings really don’t have that much sexual dimorphism. In general, males and females share most of the size range. Many men need smaller, many women need larger. The ‘his and her’s’ is appealing to the vision of the big strong man and dainty little woman that ends up causing a lot of harm for all of the people, and couples, that don’t fit that. It is a slap at the woman who needs a larger sock with all the implied message that she is not feminine,, that she is coarse and masculine. While the man (or even boy) who has to use the ‘girl loom’… well, obviously I’m not going to repeat here the slurs about men and boys who are considered feminine.

    And those are just the basic binary issues. The second you look outside of those, it gets worse.

    I love that you are doing two sizes of looms. People come in enough sizes, I’d love even more.
    But I’d particularly love it if you didn’t define my gender and the gender of everyone I’m making socks for by the size of their feet

  • I have had eperiance this type of knitting. the tenches is very good.

  • Hi, You have brought up a good evaluation. Thank you for your thoughts, and we will remember this in the future. Thanks

  • Yes, that is correct. 5/16″ from peg2peg.

  • Hi, Thanks for asking. The looms are 5/16″ from center of peg to center of peg.

  • i recently ordered these looms, always wanted to make socks,but found instructions to difficult to follow, now will try these and see what happens …

    happy sock making to me…

  • I love the new products! Thank you, as for me, I LOVE the his and her label! My husband was happy that he was going to get a pair of socks! Haha. I read about your company and I applaud you and your success. Keep up the good work! Thank you again : )

  • I amiss very excited by the new looms that are coming out . With the Oval shape I hope to be able to do toe-up socks more.

  • I am very excited by the new looms that are coming out . With the Oval shape I hope to be able to do toe-up socks more.

  • Thanks Carol,we appreciate all feedback. So are you working on your husbands socks?

  • I’m looking forward to trying it out, I think having oval loom will help, even though I knot and crochet my socks I do love loom sock knitting

  • I can’t wait to get these looms and think I will have to order today! I have all of the KB adjustable sock looms and like them well enough but these new ones sound so much easier to use, especially since they don’t need adjusting. I also have to say that I don’t have the same mindset as a previous poster and can’t say that those kind of thoughts ever entered my mind. My husband has small feet and would probably need one made on the “Hers” and I highly doubt that he will feel very feminine. People that I make things for aren’t going to care, or feel defined by, which loom I use. I love the “His and Her” name!

  • I have a question I saw online that 5/16 might be considered a SG = Small Gauge (5/16?,). So should I look for sock yarns that are “2” weight and not fingering weight 1? Maybe to use my sock stash combine 2 strands of weight 1 together. Or do I need baby weight or 3 light worsted or sport yarn for this loom? Sorry for so many questions. ….
    Well can’t wait to try it out already thinking of what yarns I may have. Thanks for any help.

  • I love all the AKB looms! I look fw to getting these. I also love thinking of them as his and hers. It makes it easy for me quickly recognize which one I need to grab, especially when I am in a hurry. Keep up the good work!!!

  • I totally agree with Amber – I think you should have used large/medium/small.

  • I got it today and started a sock. I LOVE IT!!! No more awkward end pegs so easy to use. Love the light weight of it to. It’s very easy to use on my hands. I have few different looms This is my favorite sock loom by far!! I????????????I may have to order second set so I can make two socks at a time. Thank you Pat for very fast shipping and coupon.

  • Oops my emojis went as question marks not happy faces

  • I have a question about one of the patterns for this loom. The Comfy Footies pattern. It says the cuff and leg should measure 7 inches. Is that correct for a footie sock?
    I love the feel of these looms and am anxious to try them out! Thanks for your help.

  • I just ordered my set and am looking forward to making socks! I ordered the Premium round loom set and the shipping was so quick! Love it! I have pretty much all of the other KB looms and I couldn’t be happier!! I think these new sock looms will be fun to take on little trips, so easy to tuck into a bag and go! Thanks KB looms!!!

  • Hi Sally, The designer feels that you are looking at a different pattern. There is no mention of 7″ for these footies. Please be sure you have downloaded the footies pattern. We will also check to be sure we have the links correct.

  • Will all of your new looms eventually be available in stores? I have purchased all of your other knitting looms either at Hobby Lobby or Joanna craft stores.

  • Hi Mary, It takes awhile for the store chains to order and receive and then get them into the planned stores. Just keep checking with your local stores, but realize that the chains choose which of their stores will receive each product. So some locations may have a product and another location may not. Also, large chains plan in advance, so it may take awhile.

  • With the double knitting, if connected as a hat, is it ‘trapped’ and limited to the 8 inch height? I’m thinking of the magic scarf type, you knit for say three feet in the round. I see if you double knit fkat it can come out and flow somehow but in the round, the legs limit flow-correct?
    I ordered mine so when it gets here I will experiment and enjoy all the new patterns.
    I love how it rotates.

  • Hi Jeannette,
    I agree that this is the first impression, but the hat scrunches and you can make it as deep as desired. There’s a lot of room for the round item as the space in the leg area is large. Once it is complete, you just slid it off the top of the loom.

  • I have just about all your looms. love them all but use s loom most, and sock looms

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Aug 11, 2017

Introducing…’Premium’ Round Loom Set

This has been a big request for years. Finally it’s here!!

The ‘Premium’ Round Loom Set is the ideal set for small gauge knitting, with pegs spaced at 3/8” apart.  This is great spacing for using all your favorite worsted weight yarns. The looms are made of high grade plastic with a smooth finish, and stay put pegs.

Knit hats in 3 sizes!  Works super great for shawls, scarves, home decor, baby items, and much more!

Loom sizes…   small 64 pegs, medium 72 pegs and large 80 pegs. Available now at KB Looms. Here’s a few of our current hat patterns that work on the new looms. Click on photo for pattern.




  • Yay! Thank you.

  • BEAUTIFUL! I cannot wait to get my poor arthritic fingers on these! Thank you AKB!

  • I like Authentic Knitting Board looms. I have the oval loom set, but am used to using round ones. This looks tempting. I don’t see an extra peg where I can anchor my yarn, it would sure help me. Thanks.

  • What size hat does the small loom make infant or toddler

  • Are there any patterns other then hats for this loom?
    Also I am trying to secure these looms and it seems it won’t take my coupon codes
    Does it take more then one code?

  • Hi, Only one discount code can be entered for an order. We are working on many more patterns/projects. Just need to watch the blog each week.

  • I’ve been waiting so patiently!! Love all the looms I find it easy to use a round looms but have and use the oval hat loom as well.

  • Hi Donna, Thanks for your patience–we hope you enjoy.

  • i am the proud owner of all KB Looms!!! I love all of them. I was sure hoping these looms were next!!! Thank you KB!! I cannot wait to get my hands on these!!!!

  • Hi there, I am in South Africa and looms are normally very expensive to import with an exchange rate of almost 15 to 1. How much are these and what would the postage be to South Africa. 🙂

  • YAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I have often wondered why there was not a round kb loom . I am so happy. Lets do the happy dance.

  • Love the white hat with the flower!!! It’s so nice to see a pattern for a flower finally on loom not too many of those out there. Excited about all the new looms coming out!!! It’s nice see loom knitting getting some notice.

  • will future kits include the 4th loom in the smaller size? or be available separately?, for making preemie baby hats, mittens, and slippers.
    Thank you Pat

  • Hi Nicole, Let’s wait and see! Sounds interesting to me……

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Aug 1, 2016

NEW Zippy Master Set

Now you can get all your Zippy parts in one set !!



With the Zippy Master Set, we are introducing new Zippy  “L” connectors and straight connectors to give you even more connection options than ever before!

Knitting on Zippy Loom is the easiest and fastest way to knit! With one Zippy create a scarf in 10-15 minutes. Great tool for beginners to learn loom knitting , and experienced knitters who want to create beautiful chunky knits quickly.

The Zippy Master Set includes: (4) Zippys, (4) Corners, (4) “L” connectors, (2) Straight connectors, (4) regular connectors, (4) projects, step by step instructions and knit hook.

Connect with Zippy Corners to make a 20 peg loom for adult hats, or cowls. With the brand new “L” connectors, make a 16 peg loom for kid’s hats, or use the straight connectors for double knitting. Mix Zippys + super bulky yarn to create super fast knits! Check out Zippy Loom patterns and Zippy Loom videos!


To set up Zippy Looms to make a child size hat use the “L” connectors (above see connected), to make a 16 peg loom.  To set up Zippy Looms for double knitting, use (2) 8 peg Zippys and add the straight connectors to create a double knitting loom (see below).

Simple double knit scarf, knit using the straight connectors

Simple double knit scarf, knit using the straight connectors


Double Knit on Zippy for extra chunky scarf!









Watch above to see Zippy Connections in Action!









  • I have 10 zippys and4 connectors How can I get the straight connector?

  • Hi, its our very newest product and the new connectors are only available in the master kit at this time. Please be sure you are signed up for newsletters so you will be first to know when these parts may be available as stand alone products. Thank you, Pat

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Jul 29, 2016

NEW Pattern Kits with Red Heart Yarns!



is partnering with 
to bring great yarns and NEW PATTERN KITS to KB looms!

We’re excited to Partner with Red Heart Yarns, one of the most widely-recognized brands in the USA. Red Heart is the Winner of the Women’s Choice Award  and voted the most recommended yarn brand. Red Heart yarn has been the choice of millions of crocheters and knitters for more than 80 years. Now we are bringing the Best of Red Heart to you!


Also check out the New Pattern Kits! It’s one stop shopping. The kits include all yarn needed for each project, downloadable pattern, and a knitting loom.  Our initial kit offerings include a baby blanket, large afghan, 2 shawls and 2 fun summer socks. Our design team worked hard to create these beautiful knits. (Simply click on the photo to view all kits).  We hope you enjoy!




















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Nov 2, 2015

Introducing Zippy CORNERS!

NEW!! Now you can knit Zippy in the round. Zippy Corners come as a set of 4 corners and easily attach to Zippy Looms.  Making hats, cowls, blankets and shawls is a breeze and super fast too!












Check out the new Patterns using Zippy Corners!





  • I would love to know how many Zippy corners would I need for the gray cowl on the right that’s included in the patterns that come with the corners?

    Thank you!

  • Hi, 4 corners.

  • Thanks!!! 🙂

  • I just started using your zippy looms. The only drawback I see so far is that I have to be really careful not to snag the yarn on the cute little smilelyface on the first peg. I guess I will jist have to be extra careful. It slows me down, but I have to deal with it. Otherwise, I can’t wait to try some of the different patterns you offer. Thanks for a great product.

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Jul 27, 2015

Zippy Contest


Join us for our Facebook worldwide contest! Please send in photos of your Zippy knits.  Hop on over to our FB page and share your photos, be sure to put your photos under the Zippy Contest post (it shows the info graphic above).

If you are not from US or CANADA, we know Zippys are harder to find and we will accept entries made using another KB loom. When posting photo, please note your country.

Three winners will be chosen on August 16th.

  • Grand prize winner will get 3 Zippy Looms.
  • Second prize winner will get 2 Zippy Looms.
  • Thirst prize winner will get 1 Zippy Loom.

Contest ends on August 15th, midnight, MST. Photos must be posted by midnight on August 15, 2015.

Details: Item must be made on a Zippy loom or several Zippy looms. Projects completed in other knitting looms are ineligible to enter for this contest. Each individual is allowed up to 5 different and distinct entries. Winners will be chosen by the KB team based on originality of the pattern, creativity, and overall appeal.

Earn an extra entry by commenting on this blogpost. Share this Blogpost and earn an additional entry. Simply write in the blog comments that you shared it on FB/Twitter/Instagram for an additional entry; that is 2 additional entries by simply commenting and sharing.


  • Love the new zippy loom. Its fun to use thanks to the cute smiley face. I love the ease of which projects can be made and that I can use either the hook or my fingers. The price is right and the possibilities are endless!

  • I love looming its my sanity! Would love to win a zippy loom

  • Can’t wait to use the Zippy. Love the thick scarf,

  • OMG I love my Zippy looms.. Would love 2 more.

  • I like the Zippy looms but is Savannah, GA it is to hot for me to use the thicker yarns what ever I make I have to send North to my family members that have lots of cold and snow so I have just pushed my Zippy to the side for the moment. I would like to see more ideas to use my Zippy Loom with lighter weight yarn

  • I covered another looms collar, but I’m sure it will be better zippy loom.

  • Love Zippy cannot wait to make many more projects.

  • Also I shared on FB

  • Just ordered Zippies for my grand daughters AND myself! Can’t wait to receive them, also I just taught them how to use the other looms and they love it! Their ages are 13 and 11

  • Oh boy! you will not know how much I love the new Zippy. Everything I make I donate to charity. I do not sell anything, I make just to let you know. I have 7 Zippy looms. I kinda changed the looms to fit my project I was going to do. So, I pictured the loom with my project which I was making a scarf. I need 400 scarves by fall. They have to go with all the hat’s that I already made.

  • Posted on Twitter. I love using the knitting looms here in the United States. They make the work go so fast. You don’t have to be concerned about rows becoming uneven, etc.

    Thank you,
    Patti Bublat

  • I have 2 zippy looms just as of the other day. Im already falling in love with them. Post shared on facebook. ?

  • These zippies are so much fun to use! Most everything I make is given away. Sharing this on Facebook.

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Jun 12, 2015

Introducing… Zippy Loom!

Knit a scarf in 15 minutes! Zippy Loom makes knitting super fast and easy! Knit with giant pegs and super bulky yarn to create SUPER quick projects. zippy_knitting2sm Works great with ruffle and boucle yarn too!


Each Zippy comes with a connector to attach to more Zippys. With one Zippy you can create approx. 3″ width of knitting. For wider scarves, 2 Zippys work great. For shawls, 3 Zippys are recommended.zippybrightbluesm

Zippy Kit:

  • 1 Zippy (5.25″ x 3″)
  • 1 connector
  • step by step instructions
  • knitting tool

{The Zippy pegs are .75″ diameter, with 1.5″ peg spacing center to center. Peg height is 2.5″}


coverimage_zippyMake scarves, cowls, necklaces, headbands and simple 3 minute bracelets!!

Zippy Project Book 26 pages, includes complete step by step instructions and 8 projects. Super easy – no knitting experience needed.



blackscaf_zippycrop LH9A0388crop













  • I purchased 3 of the Zippy looms and I love them!

  • I Ordered 2 zippy looms today. What’s the best yarn to use?

  • How would you make a ruffle scarf using either Red Heart Sashay or Starbella yarn? All loom directions I’ve seen prevously use a rectangle loom so you can move the loop from the front to the back peg.

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Apr 22, 2012

New Videos for the AllnOne Knitting Loom

Dear friends,

We have heard your requests and we are pleased to announce a new collection of videos, exclusively for the AllnOne Knitting loom and the Sock Loom. We covered the following topics:

Single Sided Knitting

Basic Cast On
Crochet Cast On
Knit Stitch
Flat Stitch
Purl Stitch
Ewrap Stitch
Basic Bind Off
Gather Bind Off

We also have videos on how to use the new AllnOne Knitting Loom as a knitting board.

Double Knitting

Cast On with Anchor Yarn
Cast On Figure 8
Stockinette Stitch
Ribbing Stitch
Basic Cable
Change of Color
Increase and Decrease
Bind Off Loom and Anchor Yarn

We hope you enjoy these videos and stay tuned for more to come!



  • WOW! This is exciting. I’m thrilled that all of these videos are all here in one place! I’m definitely going to watch all of these! THANK YOU!

  • PS: I shared this post on twitter, facebook, pinterest and google+. Love it!

  • What a great collection of videos – I will be referencing them often!

  • I shared this on my facebook and twitter acounts as well – 8 points for me so far 🙂

  • These videos are great and of course very useful.

  • My All-In-One loom arrived today and I’m so impressed. It’s very well made – just like the other KB looms (I have the adjustable sock loom and the 28″ board too). Can’t wait to start using it!

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Mar 10, 2012

Meet the AllnOne Knitting Loom–Video

Happy Birthday to the All-n-One Knitting Loom. Here is a short video showing you this new knitting loom. Enjoy!



  • I am intrested in the all in one loom , I saw a book with patterns for it. Where can I find more information about it? Thank you. Karol

  • i made the slouchy hat on this loom and i love it! looking forward to using it more.

  • Omg! I’m excited to own the knitting Board AIO I’m also proud to tell you that I have almost ALL your Book on loom knitting as Wei…

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Mar 9, 2012

All-n-One Knitting Loom Launch!

All one one 2 jpg

The All-n-One knitting loom by the Authentic Knitting Board company.

We have all been waiting for the much anticipated release of this new knitting loom by the company. I have had the pleasure to work and create with this knitting loom for the past two months.

The moment it arrived, I rushed to open the box and was immediately in love with the knitting loom. Hundreds of design possibilies came to mind. It is a knitting loom that can go from making a little itty bitty baby bootie to a shawl, even a blanket!

Down to the knitty gritty of the loom. Gauge: it is small gauge, pegs are at 3/8″ apart. The knitting loom consists of 2 long rails (48 pegs on Kids and all n one loom 028each rail), 2 sliders–with 5 pegs each slider, for a total peg configuration of 106 pegs. It also comes with two spacers to use the knitting loom as a knitting board. The pegs are made out of nylon, giving the user a very smooth peg to slide your knitting tool on. Speaking of the peg–it is grooved to facilitate knitting and the pegs also have a small cap at the top to prevent the yarn from accidentaly sliding off the peg. The knitting loom itself is made of hardwood giving you a solid, strong loom. The wood has been varnished to provide you with a smooth, glide-your-hands-on-me knitting loom.

All-n-One loom will include the following:

  • 2 long rails (48 pegs each)
  • 2 sliders (5 pegs each)
  • 2 spacers
  • Knitting tool
  • Booklet with basic instructions and patterns.

The knitting loom is a delight to work on. It is so smooth to the touch and since it is made out of Allnone-2wood, it feels warm the more you use it. The pegs are smooth but not so smooth as to make the yarn pop off the top. They have enough grab for the yarn to stay on but yet smooth enough so the knitting tool slides easily on it. Adjusting it was a breeze too. All you have to do is loosen the wing nuts at the ends and slide the slider up/down, tighten the wing nut and you are good to go.

And now that I told you all about the knitting loom, let me show you what I have created on it so far.



Three of the patterns are available through the website, in the free pattern section, the Lacy Shawl and the Cowl. The purple hat instructions come with the knitting loom.  Look for another pattern (the slouchy hat in the center) coming shortly.

I have used DK weight yarn (the gray hat that my daughter NyNy is modeling and it gives me an impressive 11 sts per 2 in. Worsted weight, I had 9.5 sts per 2 inches.

Here are some quick numbers for your use:

Hats with Worsted Weight yarn

Adult Men: 88 pegs

Women S/M/L: 76/80/84 pegs

Youth: 72

Children: 64

Toddlers: 60

Baby: 54

As I play more with the knitting loom, I will be posting peg numbers for socks and other basic items.  Coming next…the Last Minute Slouchy Hat!



  • I want one! Great looking loom.

  • With the hat pattern that’s included with the loom, there are instructions for k1tog that require moving the 5 peg piece as the “round” decreases…. this is very confusing as a beginner! Any chance there is a video somewhere that might explain it better?

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Oct 31, 2011

Loom Extender Projects

RUGS, all kinds of rugs, they are so easy and quick to make with the loom extenders. This is a rug made by weaving FABRIC STRIPS using the 28″ Knitting Board and the 10″ loom extenders. 2 X 3.5

Fabric strips make great rugs and home decor. This rug was made with 4 woven sections. You simply start with 4 yards of jersey knit fabric in 2 colors, cut them into 1″ strips with the grain of the material. Then weave the strips across the loom, wrapping 2 pins at a time and with one peg empty in between. Use the same color of fabric  until you are ready for the stripe, then switch colors

If you use the 10″ Knitting Board, 10″ loom extenders you can make a rug by creating squares. This rug was made with 12 squares.


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Jun 1, 2011

Loom extender projects

Here are a few ideas using the loom extender.  The wall hanging was created by our Knitting Board group moderator Sue Kreitzer, this was her fist loom extender project. Margaret Conroy did the beautiful striped pieces. Both of you, nice work.

Peg's weaving project by Peg Cnry

Sue's Sign

Peg's second creation

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