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Jul 27, 2015

Zippy Contest


Join us for our Facebook worldwide contest! Please send in photos of your Zippy knits.  Hop on over to our FB page and share your photos, be sure to put your photos under the Zippy Contest post (it shows the info graphic above).

If you are not from US or CANADA, we know Zippys are harder to find and we will accept entries made using another KB loom. When posting photo, please note your country.

Three winners will be chosen on August 16th.

  • Grand prize winner will get 3 Zippy Looms.
  • Second prize winner will get 2 Zippy Looms.
  • Thirst prize winner will get 1 Zippy Loom.

Contest ends on August 15th, midnight, MST. Photos must be posted by midnight on August 15, 2015.

Details: Item must be made on a Zippy loom or several Zippy looms. Projects completed in other knitting looms are ineligible to enter for this contest. Each individual is allowed up to 5 different and distinct entries. Winners will be chosen by the KB team based on originality of the pattern, creativity, and overall appeal.

Earn an extra entry by commenting on this blogpost. Share this Blogpost and earn an additional entry. Simply write in the blog comments that you shared it on FB/Twitter/Instagram for an additional entry; that is 2 additional entries by simply commenting and sharing.


  • Love the new zippy loom. Its fun to use thanks to the cute smiley face. I love the ease of which projects can be made and that I can use either the hook or my fingers. The price is right and the possibilities are endless!

  • I love looming its my sanity! Would love to win a zippy loom

  • Can’t wait to use the Zippy. Love the thick scarf,

  • OMG I love my Zippy looms.. Would love 2 more.

  • I like the Zippy looms but is Savannah, GA it is to hot for me to use the thicker yarns what ever I make I have to send North to my family members that have lots of cold and snow so I have just pushed my Zippy to the side for the moment. I would like to see more ideas to use my Zippy Loom with lighter weight yarn

  • I covered another looms collar, but I’m sure it will be better zippy loom.

  • Love Zippy cannot wait to make many more projects.

  • Also I shared on FB

  • Just ordered Zippies for my grand daughters AND myself! Can’t wait to receive them, also I just taught them how to use the other looms and they love it! Their ages are 13 and 11

  • Oh boy! you will not know how much I love the new Zippy. Everything I make I donate to charity. I do not sell anything, I make just to let you know. I have 7 Zippy looms. I kinda changed the looms to fit my project I was going to do. So, I pictured the loom with my project which I was making a scarf. I need 400 scarves by fall. They have to go with all the hat’s that I already made.

  • Posted on Twitter. I love using the knitting looms here in the United States. They make the work go so fast. You don’t have to be concerned about rows becoming uneven, etc.

    Thank you,
    Patti Bublat

  • I have 2 zippy looms just as of the other day. Im already falling in love with them. Post shared on facebook. ?

  • These zippies are so much fun to use! Most everything I make is given away. Sharing this on Facebook.

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Jun 5, 2015

Loom-a-Long Contest Winner

We would like to thank everyone who participated in our loom-a-long contest. It was nice to see all the beautiful finished Couture Cloches. Great job everyone! Trying out new stitches and techniques can be unnerving and you all did fantastic!

You can see all the finished projects at this link on Ravelry.

The winner of the knitting loom is….

Angie, Ravelry name:


This was her finished project:


Angie, please contact Pat at with your choice of knitting loom.

Thank you to everyone for participating. Stay tuned for more contests and be sure to follow our Loom-a-Long group and our Facebook page. We are having another Loom-a-Long contest in June! Hop on over and find out what project we are tackling this month.

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  • My prize came today…28 inch knitting board with extenders. Thank you, KB!!

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