Nov 30, 2018

Spiral Splendor Beanie


Designed by Ace Beorchia

LOOM: ‘Premium’ Chunky Round Knitting Looms (Orange), 48 pegs

YARN:  Approx. 75 yds (120g) of size 6 Super Bulky weight yarn evenly divided between two colors. Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick in colors Grey Marble (color A) and Metropolis (color B) used in sample.

NOTIONS:  knitting tool, tapestry needle

GAUGE: 2×2 ribbing unstretched; 2” = 4 sts x 8 rows

ABBREVIATIONS Approx=approximate  k=knit stitch. May substitute with u-stitch.p=purl stitch st(s)=stitch(es)   rnd(s)=round(s)



Cast on 48 sts (orange loom), prepare to work in the round.

Rnds 1-7: *p2, k2 in color A; rep from * to end.

Rnds 8-9: *k2 in color A, p2 in color B; rep from * to end

Rnds 10-11: k1 in color A; *p2 in color B, k2 in color A; rep from * 10 times; p2 in color B, k1 in color A.

Rnds 12-13: *p2 in color B, k2 in color A; rep from * to end.

Rnds 14-15: p1 in color B; *k2 in color A, p2 in color B; rep from * 10 times; k2 in color A, p1 in color B.

Rnds 16-23: Rep rnds 8-15.

Rnds 24-25: Rep rnds 8-9.

Rnds 26-31: k in color B to end.

Bind off with gather bind off method.

Weave all ends in.

Attach a pom-pom. (Author recommends a color that contrasts well with color B.)

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  • I’m having a lot of fun looming the spiral spender hat but I’m confused on rounds 16-23 . it says to repeat rounds 8 through 13 but that would stop on row 22 I’m confused on what I knit on rounds 22 and 23 .? Thank you for sharing this fun pattern with all of us .

  • Hi Ronda,
    Thank you for pointing this out. It should say, Repeat from 8-15.

  • I really love this pattern! Can it be done with the 3/8 round loom, using a #4 weight yarn?

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