May 15, 2016

Springtime Yoga Bag

yogabag2Springtime is here! The birds are chirping, the sun welcomes us each morning with is warm rays. It is the perfect time to grab that yoga mat and head to the nearest park to enjoy a relaxing yoga class.

LOOM:  Hat Loom, set at small gauge, at XS size (56 pegs)

YARN:  Approx 250 yds of cotton worsted weight yarn. Bernat Handicrafter Cotton in Nautical was used in sample.

NOTIONS:  Knitting tool, tapestry needle, crochet hook size D.

GAUGE: 7 sts x 12 rows = 2 inches.

SIZE:  Fits a 24” width yoga mat.  



k=knit stitch

p=purl stitch

CO=Cast on

BO=Bind off



k2tog=knit two stitches together

YO=Yarn over (Ewrap the empty peg, on the following round, undo the ewrap and place this stitch in front of the peg and then work it as instructed (this pattern indicates to knit the peg)).



Cast on 56 sts, join to work in the rnd.

Row 1: p to end of rnd.

Row 2: k to end of rnd.

Rep Row 1 and Row 2: 2 more times.

Next rnd: *k2tog, yo; rep from * to end of rnd.

Next rnd: p to end of rnd.

Next rnd: k to end of rnd.

Rep last 2 rnds: 2 more times.

Next rnd: *k2tog, yo; rep from * to end of rnd.

Next rnd: k to end of rnd.

Rep from ** to **: until panel measures: 24 inches from cast on edge.

Bind off with gather removal method.


Cast on 7 sts, prepare to work a flat panel

Row 1: Sl1, k to end of row.

Row 2: Sl1, p5, k1.

Rep Row 1 and Row 2: until strap measures 30 inches long.

Bind off with basic bind off.

Secure strap to the bag.

Crochet cord

With size D crochet hook, crochet a chain that is about 24 inches long. Bind off. Pass the cord through the eyelet openings through the garter stitch border. Make a knot at each end of the cord.

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