Dec 23, 2015

Men’s Winter Set

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Loom Knitting Advent, day 23, brings you a fantastic Men’s winter set of beanie and scarf.  Designed by Isela Phelps

Day 23


Knitting Loom: Hat Loom, Small gauge.

Yarn: Approx, 690 yds of worsted weight wool. Knit Picks City Tweed in Obsidian, worsted weight was used in sample.

Beanie:  130 yards

Scarf:  560 yards

Notions: knitting tool, tapestry needle

Gauge: 7 stitches x 12 rows = 2”

Size: Hat fits an adult male (up to 23″ head circumference). Scarf 10 x 65 inches.

Abbreviations: K= knit stitch P=purl stitch Rep=Repeat Rnd(s)=Rounds St(s)=stitch(es)

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Cast on 84 sts, prepare to work in the round.

Rnd 1-21: *k2, p2; rep from * to end of rnd.

Next 16 rnds: Work Ripple Chart shown.

Rep Ripple chart until item measures 7 inches from cast on edge.

Bind off with gather removal method. Weave in ends.


Cast on 50 sts, prepare to work a flat panel.

Row 1-10: sl1, k3, p2, *k2, p2; rep from * to last 4 sts, k4

Next 16 rows: *sl 1, k2, work Ripple Chart on next 44 pegs, k3.

Rep last 16 rows until panel measures 70 inches from cast on edge.

Repeat Rows 1-10.

Bind off with basic removal method. Weave in ends.

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